2014: What’s your Resolution?

2014: What’s your Resolution?


Long time no muthafuckin’ speaketh. I’m pretty sure I’ve started my last three – four posts like this. But hey. I’m just a man who writes once every two months. Don’t trip. We living out here in these streets.


It’s 2014.

Don’t that just LOOK like a futuristic ass date? Like we should have flying cars and underwater oceanic cities and shit? Fuggin, bionic people and shit? Fuggin . . . fuggin . . .  10 minute trips to the moon and shit?

Well, were not quite there.

BUT, we have had our fair share of next level technology hit the market over the course of the last year or so: the Ps4 and Xbox One dropped on some extremely next level shit. I mean, the shit looks real. Every time I see a trailer or discover one of their many capabilities my jaw hits the floor. We had holographic Tupac pop up at Coachella last year, and phones with holographic capabilities are in the process of being developed. Nanotechnology is about as next level as it gets. If you’ve never heard of it: Click Here — and prepare to have your mind blown. Drones are being used for every got damn thing — meh. Long story short, we have a lot of FUTURISTIC shit popping off, and I’m not exactly mad at it. If only we could use our minds for something legitimately useful…

Like the survival of our species, perhaps.

*stares off*

One can dream . . . One can.

Anywho —

The beginning of the year is generally a time of reflection. What did I do well in the previous year? What can I improve upon? What insights did I gain? What goals did I accomplish or not accomplish? blah blah blah — the usual. Hopefully, the lot of you took some time to jot some shit down. It can be therapeutic, cathartic even — intentional thought goes a long way. But if you didn’t, don’t trippp. I gotchu.

Here are a handful of resolutions — so to speak– that should make it on EVERYONE’S to do list for 2014:

1. Put your fucking phone down from time to time.

Our generation is quite LITERALLY addicted to our cellular phone modules. Wouldn’t put the bitch down if it burst into flames in the palm of our hand. It’s a problem. It’s gotten so bad, I’ve contemplated putting a cell phone must be turned off at all times while on these premises  sign on my got damn door. Mufucker’s will be kicking back, laughing, convuhsatin’, and slowly but surely, the room will go silent. Why? Cause erbody’s looking at their got damn phones. Admittedly, I be one of them, but only cause I’m not just gon’  sit there and look at a bunch of mufuckers on their PHONES. I hate it. *checks phone* I love it. See. I’m addicted.

The shit’s even crept into school. It’s bad. I teach. So I see this shit first hand. Kids won’t read, cause they’re in their phones. Kids won’t pay attention to the lecture, cause they’re in their phones. Kids won’t write, cause they’re in their phones. They put smiley faces and “LOL” in their papers, people. And they’re BOLD. On more than one occasion, I’ve seen a kid move their desk by the fuggin OUTLET so they can be on their phone while it’s charging. Insanity, people. How about we connect like we used to.

In 2014. Take a break from your social network alter ego — Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Text, GroupME, Email — them BITCHES ain’t going nowhere. Them “Likes”, them “Shares”, them, “Retweets”, ain’t going nowhere. Let them hoes accumulate from time to time. Then ertime you look at your phone it’ll be like Christmas.

2. Don’t trip about the past. Worry less about the future. Focus on the now.

Most of our respective anguish stems from within. We beat ourselves up over things that happened yesterday, last week, last year, ten years ago. And we stress ourselves over shit that’s gonna happen tomorrow, next week, a year from now, or maybe fucking NEVER cause we made it all up in our heads. For what?

What purpose does it serve? As a wise meme once said, it’s a vast waste of imagination to fret over some shit that ain’t happened yet or some shit that  happened way back when. Chill.

Live in the present. It’s a glorious way of Being. Whenever you feel your mind wandering into a dark place, breathe, and remind yourself of the present moment. What are your hands doing? What’s going on around you? Pay attention to your senses — SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE — slow down. We spend the bulk of our lives running around. Seldom do we take the time to just . . . BE. Then we wonder why time flies. It flies cause we float through life eager to get to the next day. No. Today is fine. Right now is fine. My favorite phrase, as of late, whenever I find myself trippin is:

I’m just a man ________. You feel in the blank however you see fit. I’m just a man in a chair. I’m just a man in  a car. I’m just a man typing on a keyboard . . .

What else matters outside of what you’re doing at the moment? Nothing.

Try it. And breathe easier.

3. Stop caring about what other mufucker’s got going on.

Not to put us on blast, but black folk got this BAD. We love to give a fuck about some shit that don’t eem remotely concern us.

“You see fam with them parachute pants on? Ugh.”

“Why her hair look like that?”

“I can’t stand people who wake up in the morning.”

Why do you careeeeee?! Why does it concern you?! Why is ruining your day?!

How somebody chooses to live their life is THEIR prerogative. Who they choose to love – how they choose to ground themselves – how many people they’ve slept with – where they work or don’t work – where they live – how they live – what they wear – what they believe — is their got damn decision. It does not concern you. So don’t let it bother you. It’s a vast waste of your energy. Focus on you and what you got going on. That sounds like a better idea.

4. Eat cleaner.

Our diets are horrible, people. It’s not our fault. Unhealthy food is cheaper and it tastes better — primarily because it’s full of a bunch of addictive ass shit were only supposed to ingest in moderation like salt and sugar, but that’s neither here nor there. If you want to feel better. Think clearer. Have more energy. Live longer. Look younger. Sleep more soundly. Have better sex. Or be fit. You have to eat cleaner. Simple as that. We’re grossly malnourished as a society which is why we tend to be as sick as we are, which is sick as hell.

5. Live. Capital L

Sure. You’re alive. But are you Living? Are you experiencing life? Have you taken a trip? Learned something new? Picked up a new hobby or honed an old one? Listened to live music? Stargazed? Cloud watched? Went camping? Canoeing? Tried a new dish? Danced the night away? Made love outside? Gotten out of your comfort zone? Made time for your loved ones? Have you? If not, what are you doing?

Like I said before, we HAVE to slow down. We HAVE to make time for the things that make life  worth living, otherwise, what’s the point? What’s the point of having a miserable existence? Contrary to popular belief, Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant to be experienced. Otherwise, you might as well throw yourself off a really high building, ’cause you’re not living,  you’re simply existing.



What are some resolutions you made for yourself? Feel free to share them in the comment section.

Until next time,

Stay Woke.