World’s F****ed Up. What We Gon’ Do About It? It’s Time For Change

World’s F****ed Up. What We Gon’ Do About It? It’s Time For Change


In case you haven’t noticed, the world is shambles, and has been for quite sometime.  The gap between rich and poor is ever expanding. Our oceans are grossly polluted. Deforestation is alive and well. Our food’s contaminated and over processed. The US dollar’s in free fall. Our national debt is laughable. We have a generation of college grads clipped at the knees. Our ice caps and glaciers are melting at an exponential rate. Weather’s been unpredictable, erratic, and unspeakably catastrophic as of late. Our resources are depleting. Drinkable water is scarce. And our animal’s are going extinct at an ever increasing rate — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Needless to say,  these are turbulent times.

But, it’s not all bad.

We still have each other, right?


Unfortunately, we’re at each other’s throats incessantly due to the very nature of our system and its culture of faux scarcity, constant competition, vast delusion, unwarranted division, mindless consumption, and conditioned ignorance. This has to change. Sooner than later. Like now-ish actually.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, we’ve REACHED a tipping point as a global community. Not only are we putting entirely too much stress on our planet, but we’re putting entirely too much stress on ourselves. Look around? Seriously. Take a second . . . and look around. Doesn’t everything just seem a little bit . . . off? Wrong even? If not, let me break it down for you:

1. We have to pay to live. Literally. Are you living pay check to pay check? If not, you definitely know somebody who is. And that’s not even a big deal in the grand scheme of things; at least 80% of humanity lives on less than 10 dollars a day. Read the last line again.

2. Everyone seems a tad bit . . . depressed. Hence the rise in substance abuse.

3. Everyone seems a tad bit . . . fat. Horribly processed food and a highly sedentary lifestyle are the two leading causes of death in America i.e. bad hearts and cancer — which happens to be a man made disease.

4. The American Dream . . . is a legitimate dream.

5. The vast majority of people don’t know how to DO anything

6. We don’t seem to like each other very much . . . as a species.

7. We don’t seem to like our planet very much either.

8. No one has time to do the things they want to do. Some can’t even find the time to see their loved ones because it doesn’t fit in their schedule; there’s simply not enough time in the day.

9. We constantly upgrade our electronics like they actually contribute to our overall well being.

10. Kids don’t know how to play anymore.

Out of the ten things I just mentioned, how many of them sound like some shit that should be okay? None of them, right? Which is why I’ve fully come to embrace the fact that modern civilization, as it stands, is the furthest thing from civilized. The WILD . . .  like where lions, tigers, and mufuckin bears are, is more civilized than we are. We are the most disharmonic species on this planet . . . by far. You’ve never heard a Giraffe say to another Giraffe:

“Ay look at this short neck ass mufucker over here. Cuh. Cuh. You gotta short neck. Cuh. *whispers* Hey. We should all not like this mufucker cause he got a short neck.”

You ain’t never heard that shit. One, because Giraffes don’t talk. And two, because we’re the only species that can’t stand themSELVES. I refuse to believe that we’re dumb enough to allow ourselves to be trapped by such an archaic mindset—to allow ourselves to be trapped by such an archaic system. I refuse to believe it. But I’m starting to. And I weep. I don’t literally shed tears, but ya boy’s in constant pain. Legitimate. And I try so hard not to care. But I can’t not care. And I don’t understand anyone who can, which I’m discovering is mostly everybody. So now I don’t understand anybody, which is a problem within itself, and a POST within itself. So I’ma chill and gather myself for a moment.


In order for us to counteract all of the damage we’ve done to ourselves and our planet. We have to change. And by change, I mean complete scrap everything and start over.

Here are SIX societal changes that would help us lead more sustainable, fulfilling lives:

1. We need COMMUNITY

The way our society is structured, it’s nearly impossible for us to build legitimate relationships with the people that live within our respective communities. People don’t know their neighbors, let alone the person across the street, or down the block. Why? Because there’s nowhere for us to congregate. A place where lives naturally intersect — Parks/ green spaces, community centers, markets, squares — these spaces are few and far between within many communities, especially urban communities. On top of poor design, we live in  a society that fosters independence over interdependence. People are cut off from each other. We divert eyes on streets and avoid  “unwelcomed” conversation — like, subconsciously, we’re all still following our parents’ orders not to talk to strangers. We can’t go on like this. We’re more connected than we could ever imagine. On a deeply spiritual level. And as much as we hate to admit it. We need each other. We need community. The very nature of the inventions we’ve concocted over the last century illustrate how much we truly long for each other — the airplane, radio, TV, cell phones, the internet, social networking — we want to know each other — to connect with each other — and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s necessary. Not only for our well being, but also in order for us to sustain.

Every aspect of out society needs to become much more localized i.e. building strong communities need to be a point of emphasis.  The amount of energy it takes to transport both goods and people the way we do, currently, is putting tremendous stress on our planet. It’s not sustainable flat out. But this is a good thing. We have an entire globe of artisans/ dreamers, who lack access to the resources they need to bring their ideas into fruition. Localization would allow “regular people” immense opportunity to open businesses — to construct a local economy that works for THEM. In fact, something like this is happening in Detroit as I type.

Big business has slowly but surely crippled entreprenuership in America– crippled our entire economy if we want to be honest. Money no longer flows from person to person — through the community. It flows OUT of the community into the pockets of people who have enough money to feed every starving person in this nation. We don’t support each other, we support the “enemy”. . . this can’t persist.

2. We need to invest in HUMAN CAPITOL

As I mentioned above, 80% of humanity is living on less than 10 dollars a day. 70 dollars a week. 280 dollars a month. 3,360 dollars a year. Billions of people. Billions. Billions of potential artists, engineers, scientists, and inventors aren’t being actualized.  Could you imagine what our world would look like if everyone had access to food, shelter, love, and an education? Imagine. It’s unfathomable, nearly, because we’ve never come close to caring that much about our fellow man. However, without question, it’d change our world on a cosmically profound level.

3. We need INGENUITY

Ingenuity: the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.

Because we’re faced with a bevy of problems we’ve never been subjected to in the entire scope of human history (at least not on this large of a scale), we have to stretch ourselves in ways we’ve never been compelled to in order to solve them. Our energy crisis is self inflicted. Our government — the powers that be, rather, have been purposely keeping the ingenuity of the masses under wraps. Why? Well . . . if you have a car that runs on water . . . big oil takes a hit. If you have an electromagnetic generator that can power an entire housing unit for virtually nothing — the GE’s of the world take a hit. I.e ingenuity is bad for business. If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

We have more than our fair share of brilliant urban developers, scientists, and societal engineers. People who’ve made it their life work to figure out sustainable ways of living on our planet. Ways to house people, feed people, clothe people, transport people, and educate people — while still being in direct harmony with nature. They’ve spent their entire lives screaming for people to pay attention — for people to fund them — for people to wake up. Yet, we don’t hear them, their cries falling on deaf ears.

Our issue isn’t our lack of ingenuity — our issue is our lack of common sense — compassion — forethought. For some reason our world isn’t governed by thinkers — by great minds who understand humanity and the world on a level not many people can or care to. Instead, we’re governed by greedy tyrants “elected” by a people who, for the most part, don’t know a got damn thing themselves. This makes since to who?

4. We need to learn how to live in HARMONY with the natural world.

In case you forgot, humans are FUCKING animals. We tend to disregard this fact. Sure, we’re by far the dopest in the animal kingdom because we have the ability to transcend our animal instincts, BUT to consciously remove ourselves from nature is nothing short of idiotic. We are OF it. We are IT. K? Our disharmony as a species STEMS from this very disjoint.

Man is arrogant. We can all attest to this fact. Man sees itself as ruler of all things. Godlike — so to speak. With good reason, I’ll give you that, again, we’re capable of some pretty extra-ordinary shit, but this fundamental way of thinking — this arrogance — is what’s gotten us into the trouble we’re in today.We devastate entire ecosystems for our own selfish needs — in the name of settlement, agriculture, clothing, medicine — we come first and everything else within the natural world comes in at a very distant second. Now look at us . . .

Mass death has found its way into the animal kingdom (fish, bees, starfish, butterflies, whales, birds, etc), mufuckers in China can’t go outside without a mask on their face, cancer is rampant, people are broken, we’re spiritually deficient . . . and two seconds from killing ourselves off. All because we don’t look at other forms of life on this planet as an extension of ourselves, which they are.

5. We need LOVE

Love is the foundation of life. Fact. This can’t be argued. We ARE love. GOD is love. And every issue . . . EVERY issue . . . we have within our society can be attributed to a lack OF love. If you don’t show a baby love — touch it, kiss it, acknowledge it’s existence — it. will. DIE. We all crave to be loved and to give love. Unfortunately, we live in a loveless society. People don’t know how to give love. How to show love. How to accept love. They know a lot about this hate shit, though. They know it well. Our respective nations were built on hate. It’s so much a part of our culture that we glorify it. Fetishize it.  However, a society driven by hate can never prosper. Ever. So, choose to love.

Even when it’s hard.

Choose to love.

Even when you’re met with hate.

Choose to love.

It will set you free.

“Whatever the question, love is the answer.”

6. We need to scrap our current MONETARY SYSTEM

Our current monetary system is one that functions by enslaving the people. Money = Debt, literally; they’re the same thing. That’s not an economic model that’s sustainable. Especially once you throw in interest — which is essentially money created out of thin air i.e. money that doesn’t exist; it isn’t tangible. All our current system does is contribute to widespread inequality, anxiety, depression, competition, crime, violence, and a slew of other less than ideal by-products. Contrary to popular belief, there are alternatives. Quite a few of them actually, and I’m not going to list ANY cause I just eclipsed 2000 words. Here’s a link though.


The world’s waking up. People are taking their got damn time, but they’re waking up nonetheless. The question is, will it be too late? Is it already too late? Only time will tell.

Pray for us.

and always.