Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Finding Happiness

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Finding Happiness

Baha look. It’s smiling. It’s a cat that’s smiling.
The idea of “happiness” has been on my mind a lot lately.

What exactly is it?

How do you obtain it?

What’s the secret?

The older I get, the more I feel inclined to figure out the answers to these questions.

As a chap, happiness is damn near a given. But as we grow and become more aware, and gain more responsibility, our worries and stressors begin to add up, which, in turn, can make happiness seem as elusive as a runaway slave.

We spend our entire lives in search of this one thing because in the grand scheme of things, what else really matters? What’s success without happiness? What’s love without happiness? Simply put, when you’re unhappy, EVERYTHING sucks.

So, what’s the secret?

Society tells us that money, material possessions, being good looking, working hard to acheive our goals, and a bunch of other superfluous shit will make us happy. But will they really?

Let’s look at money —

Money can “make you happy” in the sense that it removes a lot of unneccessary stress. I think a lot of us know first hand that the #strugglelife is NOT the life. Living paycheck to paycheck is for the fuck-king birds.

I read a couple weeks ago that 55000 dollars the amount of money you need to make per year to “secure” happiness. I could agree with that. It puts you above the poverty line. But it definitely want secure your happiness. It’ll just make it more accessible because when your broke, the thought of being broke and needing money pretty much consumes you.

How about good looks? That has to make life a little easier.

She’ll never not be the wackest bitch to me.

Meh. I’m an okay looking dude. Doesn’t mean I’m happier than this ugly mufucker sitting across from me ( no disrespect lady). Looks fade. Think of all the “beautiful” celebrities nipping, cutting, and pasting, trying to maintain their beauty/ become something their obviously not — does that seem like a habit somebody happy would have?

Well, how about acheiving your goals? Surely that’ll make you happy.

Yeah . . . . temporarily. Think about it. Think about EVERY goal you’ve ever successfully acheived in your life. Making that team you tried out for, graduating from high school — college, getting that promotion at work. I’m sure you were bouncing off the fuggin’ walls with joy initially, but, much like the high you get when you buy a new pair of shoes, or get a fresh haircut, you eventually come down.

So, got damnit, what’s the secret?

Well, I’m no happiness guru. I’m just a man who was once plagued by a glass half empty mentality who sought to rectify the situation. Life’s too short to not be happy.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I’m going to present you guys with a list (in no specific order) of things that I do — and that you could do also — to live a happier and consequently more fulfilling life. Some of these tips I found on the internet and some I figured out for myself. They work for ME, but hopefully you find them useful:

Tip #1: Be Yourself at All Costs

Dare to be different.

You’d be surprised how freeing embracing who you are truly is. We spend so much of our time trying to live up to other people’s standards — to your spouses standards, to your parent’s standards, to your boss’s standards — but guess what, if you don’t, the world will keep on spinning. Live up to YOUR standards. As long as your good enough for you, that’s all that matters, everything else will still fall into place.

Tip #2: Be a Kid

As we get older, we often forget HOW to have fun. We’re afraid to be kids, in a sense. If you observe kids, what’s one fundamental thing you notice? They run on fun — they seek fun at all costs no matter what they’re doing. Go dance — not just out on the town — but go DANCE, get a group of friends together to play tag or capture the flag, go to karaoke and sing the night away, have a game night, go rock climbing, go camping, be imaginative, have an adventure — let yourself get lost. Tapping into your inner child will not only make you feel younger (or older depending on how hard you go), but it’ll give you lasting memories and experiences, which directly coincides with my next tip.

Tip #3: Live a Little


Far too often we allow ourselves to get stuck in a routine. Wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV line up, go sleep, repeat. I call itGround Hog Day syndrome.We all know someone inflicted by this disease; Minnesota actually boasts the highest percentage of GHDS victims per capita in the nation #blameMN

But I digress . .

We as human beings relish change by nature, so when we find ourselves stuck in a rut, it’s imperative that we shake things up. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel. Refreshed. Recharged.

Tip #4: Take Care of Yourself

Last Pic . . . Going Ham

This one’s important.

Feeling legitimately healthy may be one of the best feelings in this world. Your confidence soars. You have more energy, more mind works better, you feel younger, your skin looks better, your always on an endorphin high, sex is better — you feel good. Damn good. And it’s a change worth making. Last summer I worked at a summer camp, so I was in the best shape of my life, and it felt fuggin amazing.

Tip #5: Make Someone Else Happy/ Give Back

I stumbled across this tip online. A recent study found that making someone else happy — say buying them a gift, perhaps something they genuinely need, helping somebody move, volunteering, etc — makes YOU feel happy. I agree. I worked for a nonprofit in a position that aimed to expose youth to volunteering and community engagement. It was really my first time “giving back” on a consistent basis and it was crazy rewarding. It genuinely made me feel good to know I was making a difference, or at least attempting to. It’s definitely going to be something I continue to do for the remainder of my life.

Tip #6: Find a Hobby and/or Passion

I don’t care who you are. Everybody has something they’re deeply passionate about or interested in. I’ve heard too many people say they don’t have a hobby/passion. I don’t get it. Even if all you like to do is shop. You obviously like fashion. Put that interest to use, dive into everything there is to know about it — color juxtaposition, different styles, designers, what hot this season — go ham, then put it use. If your passionate about sports, do something with it — coach, start a blog — something. Put that interest to use. BUT don’t do it for reward . . . do it because you want to. Because it’s fun. Because you like to do it. If money comes from that — if success comes from that. Great. But if not? Who cares? You enjoy doing it.

Tip #7: Connect with the Earth and with Yourself

This is one I’m currently working on. There’re many ways to do this. Some people do it through religion, some through meditation, yoga, music — whatever it is that grounds you, I’m all for it. I’m not very “religious”, myself, but I’m extremely spiritual (if that makes sense). I’m somewhat of a hippy — I enjoy camping (thanks to my stint as a camp counselor), canoeing . . . I just love being up close and personal with this world we live in.

Some people never step foot out of the city, which is concrete on top of concrete on top of concrete. Most people can’t even fathom going an entire a day without their phone, the internet, or TV. That’s no way to live.  I encourage everyone to get away and see what the stars really look like — to unplug and connect with this world.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Tip #8: Don’t Lose Sight of What Truly Matters

Seriously. What truly matters in life? Considering “what matters” is relative to the individual, I challenge you to answer this question for yourself. I feel as long as I’m able to create and express myself artistically . . . able to love and build long lasting friendships . . . able to have a family . . . to learn . . . to explore . . . to advocate change in this world . . . and live comfortable — not necessarily in excess, but comfortable in the sense that I’m not worried about how my kids are eating, or how I’m clothing them, and am able to afford simple pleasures like traveling and fun —  I’m good to go. But that’s just what matters to me.

What matters to you?

Tip #9: Live in the Moment but Keep Your Eye on the Future

Live in the moment. Why spend your time worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet? As long as your making strides and doing what you have to do in the present, the future should take care of itself. This idea translates to goal setting as well. Rather than aiming for the big goal, say, getting a promotion, instead focus on the steps you have to take to REACH that goal. They’re a lot more manageable, so in turn a lot less stressful.

Tip #10: Think Happy Thoughts

This tip is probably the most important of the ten and should be the first one you enact: think positive. That’s what’s dope about our minds, we can pretty much trick them to believe anything. If you make it a point to think positively, to see the good in bad situations, to count your blessings, to cherish the little things, over time — after constant repetition and training — your mind will naturally do these things for you. It’s hot science.

Oh and smile more.

I’ll leave at that; ten’s a solid number. I have a couple more, but I’ll keep them to myself.

Finding happiness is a journey. Because of the world we live in, because of what we’re told to value — the advertisements were bombarded by, subliminal messages in our music and movies — we literally, more often than not, have to reprogram ourselves in order to be happy. But choosing to do so can have a lasting effect  on your life and overall well being. You won’t regret it.

Nonetheless —

Hope you found this helpful. Good luck on your road to happiness,

Later Days,


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