FIVE: Being Mindful

FIVE: Being Mindful


Over the course of the last month I’ve lost my keys, a gift card with a substantial amount of duckets on it, my phone . . .*moment of silence* . . .  and my mind. Thankfully I’ve recovered all of them jaunts—minus my partner in crime – my baby love – my el capitone – my ace – my numero uno: Lisa, also known as, my Note 3.

*english accent*

Many a night I wake with . . such . .


reaching out for her . . only. to grasp . . . at . . . AIIRR

*stares off*

But IIIII digress.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a really bad habit of moving too fast. Jerboy would legitimately lose his feet if they weren’t attached to his ankles. Like . . I’m glad I have yet to have a child cause little homie would probably be posted somewhere solemnly swinging on a swingset by himself like: “he ain’t show up.”


All that to say – I’m pretty sure the universe has been trying to tell me to slow my busy minded ass down, completely, for quite sometime. Like, “oh, you ain’t gon’ listen? GIMME this phone.” And I’m like “Yo, Universe. What fricken gives? Gimme my phone back.” And the universe be like:

Dee-bo copy

What can I say? Life just always has a way of speeding me up. Whether it’s me tripping about bills, searching for money, or allowing myself to get caught up in all the nonsense going on in the world, ya know? Ebola. I have to walk by and over the “have nots” day in and day out, knowing I’m  only a hop, skip, jump, and missed meal away from their reality; all that can really fuck jerboy’s head up sometimes. Have that joint louder than a classroom chalked full of 31 unruly eight year olds left unattended—self-talking as hell, which benefits absolutely no one. It makes me flighty, forgetful, and frenetic. I’ve legitimately lost friends over this shit. But I now understand that it’s a process. Overtime I’ve discovered that I tend to find focus—calm, in waves. Whenever I feel myself derailing I know I need to stop. Chill. And Zen.

zenGetting your “zen on”, so to speak, is a necessary part of this life jazz. It involves being present in every sense of the word, finding your center, balancing your chakras, and connecting intentionally with source (whatever that happens to be for you). Intention – is the word of the day. When it comes to working on your spirit you really can’t half ass things. Spirit needs consistency — routine, which is an idea I’ve always struggled with. Consistency. I’ll have a nice little routine going. Be floating on a got damn nimbus cloud for weeks, in a supremely good place spiritually, mad cognizant of the interconnectedness of all things: that I’m divine – that I’m cosmically dope, that everything is energy – life – consciousness. Then some life shit will happen, “real” world shit that grounds me to the physical. Money – debt – bills – competition – ego . . . all of these are concepts that quite literally ground us — we can feel the weight of them on our shoulders – in our joints and muscles. That stress sits on us, causing us to vibrate at extremely low frequencies i.e it dims our light. We have to remind ourselves that we’re multidimensional beings—spirits—and the physicality of life, the tangible – things we can see, touch, and feel – represent only a small portion of our reality.

Mindfulness helps keep your vibratory level charged with the energy of the present.

Fuck the future, fuck the past. All that matters is this pen hitting this here page, “The Hics” playing on these here speakers, and my forehead itching.

However, this shit isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes intense practice, so I’m going to give you fine folks some tips on how to remain present. Some work better than others, but in tandem, without a doubt, they all work wonders.


How to be Mindful

 1. Breathe


Sounds simple enough – but throughout the day, whether we acknowledge it or not, our breathing patterns change based on our emotional state – so pay attention to your breath. Slow it down when you feel it quickening. Deepen it when you notice that it’s shallow. Our breath controls the rate at which our hearts beat (generically – other factors also contribute), which again, is directly tied to our emotions.

 2. Let go. Forgive yourself. Heal yourself.

let go


The past is the past, there’s something to be taken from everything you’ve experienced. You can never be present if you’re in the past. Give yourself a break. You can’t continue to beat yourself up over old shit, or think about the shoulda – coulda – woulda’s. It could be something as small as you yelling at yourself for locking your keys in the car. Your keys are in the car now. Take your L, solve the problem, and continue on with your day.

3. Stop Worrying

A shot of a stressed and ill businesswoman

Worry is directly tied to the future i.e. if you’re worrying; it’s generally concerning some shit that hasn’t happened yet. Don’t let your imagination have you fucked up. Stay present. What happens will happen when it happens. Far too often we allow ourselves to get caught up in “what if’s”. For what? When has a what if EVER turned out how you imagined? Exactly. Chill.

4. Be Gentle


I am by far my worst enemy. I legitimately bully myself. You wouldn’t believe the crazy shit I say to myself sometimes. All unwarranted. All abusive. All ridiculous. Be gentle . . . with yourself and with others—because you don’t know their struggle. Love. Yourself and others. We’re way more fragile than we care to acknowledge.

5. Connect with your body and spirit.


I like to do this through stretching, dance, and basketball. But any physical activity works, as long as it allows you to tap into the energy of the present, lose yourself, and stop thinking i.e. any activity that allows you to reach flow, which is that extremely magical place where time doesn’t exist, and nothing matters but what you’re doing.

If you do these FIVE things, Squares, I guarantee that you’ll