FIVE: Reasons Why I Hate My Twenties!

FIVE: Reasons Why I Hate My Twenties!

The Young, Broke and Not so Fabulous Edition! 

Squares, did I ever mention how much I freaking HATE being in my twenties!? I bet you’re thinking “what!? Your twenties are the best! You just party and bullshit for the whole 10 years!”
But what about the times you are NOT partying and bullshiting? What about those times when you have to sit and think about what the F you are going to do with your life when you are done P and B’ing? Well those times are what inspired this post. I’m going to provide you all with FIVE: reasons why I hate my twenties. Observe…
1.  Brokeassness
This is a dilemma that I’m sure everyone deals with, but it’s a big f’ing problem in your twenties. I’m broke like ALL OF THE TIME! Due to the economy I stay having to work jobs I don’t like that barely pay crap just to survive. I definitely had big dreams for myself, but those are constantly put on hold due to brokeassness. I feel like I’m playing a game of monopoly with my life and I STAY grabbing the “Go to JAIL” card; blocking my chance at financial freedom.

I know I’m not the only one, so let’s take a poll. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, regardless of whether or not you have a job, you are in FACT a member of the brokeassness club.

  • Have you paid overdraft fees in the last month?
  • Is your internet connection an OPEN network called “Linksys” or “Netgear”?
  • Have you made sure that you keep your Netflix and or Hulu Plus account active because “there is no point in paying for cable,” when the truth is your broke ass just can’t afford it?
  • Have you recited any of the following statements (or something similar) in your head lately?
a.  “Ok so if I deposit this check before Friday…”
b.  “Man I better get that money out my acct before…”
c.  “Yea let me call (insert company you owe money to) and set up a payment plan…”
If you answered yes to any of the following…I welcome you to the club. Not only am I a member…Face Head ASS! Anyway, I hate that I am constantly going through the above scenarios all the time! I just want to be free to do what I want when I want…financially. I figure by the time I’m 30 I should have my financial life up to par and will be looking back on my twenties laughing.
2.  Marriages and Baby showers
A friend of mine in her late 30s told me that your twenties will be full of weddings and baby showers. My heart must’ve sunk at the thought of having to be reminded of other people’s joys and where mines lack. OMG! Raise your hand if you are on the verge of deleting/and or deactivating your Facebook or Instagram due to all the engagement/baby/marriage/oh look at me I’m so happy with my new boo statuses and photos? (INSERT HAND RAISE)! I just want to shoot myself every time I logon. I’m thinking, yo…shut the crap up. Nobody gives a damn how happy you are! Of course in all reality I’m just hating and AS SOON as I get a boo I will be getting my ultimate ass post on!
In addition to that, folks stay getting engaged back to back. Next thing you know, you’re a part of three weddings and have to attend at least five in one year. Then these newlyweds keep the momentum and start having kids right away! Now you got like seven baby showers to go to as well. You happy ass lovebirds need to keep the rest of us non two-income household, single folks in mind (see reason #1). Ninjas can’t afford to be attending all your happy moments.

3.  The “You’re NOT IN COLLEGE ANYMORE” Hangovers

So recently me and one of my besties was having the “I don’t even be feeling like getting drunk anymore because the hangovers be a beast” conversation. (INSERT RECORD SCRATCH!) WHAT!? I remember in college we would go HAM with drinking on a Tuesday the night before a test and be straight. Now? Shit. I wish I would drink the night before something important. It’s definitely going to be a done deal in the morning. Can we say straight ZOMBIE face head ass?

4.  Too OLD yet too YOUNG Dilemma
I’ve noticed in my twenties I’m constantly repeating the following two lines: “I’m too old for this shit.” “I’m too young for this shit.”
 I’m Too Old for this SHIT
·                 Anything undergraduate related or 18+
·                 Going out on a weekday
·                 Not to have a career by now
·                 Not to be married with kids
·                 Basketball wives or Love and Hip Hop like drama
            I’m Too Young for this SHIT
·                 I can do 18+. I’m not that old yet
·                 To not be going out on a weekday
·                 To have a set career by now
·                 To be married with kids
·                 Save the drama for your mama…but I still like to talk shit
Notice how pretty much the same shit I am “too old” not to be doing or having is basically the same shit I’m also “too young” not be doing or having. It’s a dilemma I find myself in everyday. I’m FRECKING sick of it. I just want to be like “Yo I’m 30. And this is what it is.” PERIOD.  
5.  The Ultimate Ass Uncertainty of it ALL

I find that my peers and I are just lost as hell right now. Ninjas who have careers aren’t happy and realizing that’s not what they want to do. Those of us in career limbo just want to make money to survive, forget all the extra shit. Us single folks are out here in the field playing the game or trying to wrap it up and settle down. Some are in a relationship and making moves to go to the next level of engagement or marriage. We just stay waiting for something to give or happen, but nothing in your twenties is set in stone. Is it too much to ask for some damn stability? Apparently in your twenties…it is. And this is why I hate them!

That concludes my rant. Feel free to add FIVE things you hate about your twenties if I didn’t already cover them. Or you can put FIVE things you like or liked about your twenties.
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