Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself


Today we’re blessing you guys with a post from artist slash writer slash all-around creator of dope shit, Megan Faith, from If you’re interested in checking out her work. Follow her on Twitter: @MegTaterr13 and Instagram: @faithinart13 .




“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” ~Les Brown

My name is Megan Faith.

I recently finished college gaining my B.S. in chemistry, but I have no intention to use that degree. I have no desire to join the work force, continue my education, or do any of the responsible “adult” things that I should be doing at this point in my life. I am an artist, my passion is to create. My only wish is to have the freedom to create, and the means to travel, experience, and explore. I have recently begun a mission to conquer my fears, go against the grain, and forge a new path to this ever elusive concept we refer to as success. The more I let go of my apprehensions, pointless anxieties, and doubts of my impending success, the more confident and sure I become in my everyday actions and the goals I hope to achieve. However, the closer I get to this point, the more I am met with backlash and hate, confusion and judgement. I would more so expect to be doubted by random people, they don’t owe it to me to support my dreams. But ironically the people that question and doubt me most, are the ones that are closest to me, like my family. Their doubtfulness doesn’t come from a place of hatred, but rather a place of extreme love; they’re so worried about my well being, worried that I’m going to fail, worried that I won’ t be able to support myself or find a suitable husband or afford luxuries in life etc, that they doubt my path and long for me to return to a method with proven results. Why is it so strange to look at a problem with a fresh perspective, why is it so wrong to take the road less traveled, where does that doubt and apprehension come from? The root is fear.

America has conditioned us not to question, not to form new ideas or new approaches to old problems, we are a stagnant society. We adopted ideas from the past as our present truth of how we should function; straying away from these old ideas creates an air of insecurity, it promotes change and growth…but people are absolutely terrified of anything unfamiliar. We find solace in everything, staying as close to “normal” as possible. We form permanent relationships through marriages that are supposed to last a lifetime, we have perfect set nuclear families, we pick a single field of study that leads us to a single and stable career path that you stay on until retirement, we crave continuity. The concept that life is a changing process, that things come and go with the seasons, that the essence of life is unpredictability, is a scary one for most individuals. People don’t like to wonder whether or not things are going to work out. They don’t like to take risks or create situations that make them feel as if they are not in control; sadly they don’t realize that the more they fight against the changes they fear so much, the more they are subjected to them.

A person who has conditioned their mind to live in harmony with change is better equipped to survive and thrive in this world. Those who have let go of the constraints of modern society, who look for happiness internally rather than externally, who are detached from the addictions of pleasure, are better able to maintain when things don’t go as planned. They realize that the rhythm of life continues to drum regardless of how accurately you planned to flow between the spaces of those beats, regardless of how rebelliously stagnant you try to be, life will always drum on. Those that try to gain control, that attempt to outwit the evolution of life, are dealt crippling blows when things don’t go their way. They are the people that slip into extreme depression when they don’t get the job, when the relationship doesn’t work out, when someone dies. If you don’t learn to roll with the punches, you’re almost guaranteed to get K.O.’d!

A conformed and “regular” lifestyle consists of waking up early, working seemingly endless hours doing a job you more than likely hate, coming home exhausted and drained, too tired to enjoy your family or passions or much of anything at all, just to earn a living. But in this endless cycle of monotony, when does one actually have the luxury to start living? When will there be time for new experiences and forming new connections, leisurely researching topics of interest, traveling and creating…They say that people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Well if you ask me, everyone is so busy planning to live, that the gift of life escapes them more and more everyday, despite their efforts to create the proper environment to capture the essence of life, to create the conditions to earn the luxury of living. Living is not a luxury, life is not a gift with a price tag, something that you have to afford, work for, or own. Life is the sweetest most giving present that we have been blessed to possess, yet people willingly and unknowingly sacrifice it everyday, in the hopes that they can make comfortable moments last.

I am ok with not knowing where I’m going next in life, with not having a stable career path, with not working hard for a living to earn my way to the top. I’m perfectly comfortable right here settled on the ground. I will not be lied to by the sweet whispers of fear, I will not be scared into conforming, into taking steps to build a life that I do not want. I want to take risks, be bold, go on a grand adventure in life, and discover my own personal legend. I am youthful and vibrant, I am strong and fearless. Don’t let the fear of not succeeding hold you captive, don’t let your apprehension of failure lure you away from the changes and random encounters that make this life so beautiful. Take a risk, do something spontaneous, have fun! Stop planning to live, because nervous people plan; instead just live, because only the fearless can dive right in, and experience life to the fullest.

Have Faith,