Stop Waiting for God to do Things FOR You

Stop Waiting for God to do Things FOR You


As I was doing my usual morning mindless social network scrolling (a habit that I am trying oh so hard to break) I came across this message; “Just remember the second you decide to give up could be the second God is turning your situation around! Have a blessed day!”. It made me pause, and ponder for a moment. Such a simple phrase. I know it’s being spread only with the best of intentions, meant to inspire and encourage people that are going through it to hold on just a little longer…but I could only see it causing confusion. It hurt me a little to read that post. It set off an alarm in my heart. It made me want to yell, “But wait! That’s not how it works! You’ve got it all wrong!”


Now, before I dive into why I think this meme could be tweaked a little but, just a brief disclaimer. I don’t claim to be a spiritual guru or expert of any kind. Anything I say shouldn’t be adopted as truth! Rather, the things I come up with, are only the truths I’ve discovered in my short 22 years of life, and hey, what do I really know?


So, in my admittedly limited scope, I have found many — hmm let’s say, “flaws” — in scripture and words of advice being spread throughout the religious community, Christians especially. I haven’t identified with the term “Christian” for quite some time now, but in my youth, I found myself feeling like I was always waiting around for something. Waiting for God to bless me, waiting for our struggle to be over, waiting for the end of the world, the rapture, the second coming, etc. Whenever I went to church, the main theme was always something along the lines of; “Hey, I know life fuckin SUCKS right now. But don’t lose faith! God’s gonna swoop in and save the day, if only you wait long enough, and believe hard enough! Oh, and if you don’t believe with the utmost conviction, God WILL know, and your blessing is gonna be deterred. So you endure those struggles, and you better like it! God bless :)”.

Ok I’m paraphrasing. But I’m sure a lot of you can relate to the feeling I’m alluding to. It just seems like there’s a deeper part of you that KNOWS something’s not quite right, but we’re always being encouraged just to hold on a little longer, have a little more faith, be a little more patient.


Now I’m the type of person that likes to see data. I NEED RESULTS. The thing that never quite did it for me in relation to Christianity, is that there were rarely ever results that justified all this god forsaken waiting! What are we waiting for?! I’ve had a reasonably monotonous life up until now. We lived in the same house my whole life, my parents have had relatively the same jobs, socialized with the same people, everything has been extremely constant, with a few fluctuations here and there over the years. And all the while, we’ve been waiting. So you mean to tell me, that the all powerful mighty master of the universe, has had 22 years to bless us, and he’s just been sitting up there like…nah. Not time yet. Keep being patient!

That sounds ludicrous to me! I think so many Christians have gotten lost in this struggle. Lost in their challenges and trials, trying desperately to hold onto faith and dedication as they wait for God to come and lead them out of their situation. And they’ve even gone as far as to ignore their own intuition for the sake of being a good Christian. They don’t want to seem like they’re doubting God. So rather than moving on to the next stage in life, they just grin and bear it, enduring far more torment than they need to.

Original art by @FaithInArt13

Original art by @FaithInArt13

To me, God isn’t a magical being sitting in the sky ruling over people’s lives. He doesn’t do bad things to you, or give you presents when you’ve been a diligent servant. He doesn’t require worship and sacrifice in order to give you what you truly need and desire. To me, the concept of “god” has transcended the need for proper nouns. It’s a little g. The god I know, is energy, movement, CHANGE. The god that I have let into my life, is all about action. It’s not enough to sit around and pray, waiting for good things to come. God doesn’t work for you. Miracles can only happen in your life when you allow the spirit to work THROUGH you; and that requires some effort on our part as well!

I found this verse from James 5: 7-8, it says, “Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains. You also, be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

 Rice farmer

A fundamental piece of this story that many people miss, is that the farmer had to work before the possibility of a harvest was even on the table! He tilled the land, planted seeds, watered them, removed weeds from growing around them. It was an ongoing effort. Just as it was necessary for the farmer to set himself up for success, we have to do the same within our own everyday lives!


I see far too many people clinging to old ideals and ways of life, expecting things to be different, without realizing that they aren’t doing anything to aid in the process of change. YOU need to open your life up and usher in all the blessings that you wish to receive. YOU need to clear out your outdated ways, and make room for a new way of existence! And none of that is anything god can do for you.


The main difference between “god” and “God” to me, is that “God” exists outside of me. From my interpretation, and the way I see many Christians behaving, they treat God like a 3rd party observer. He’s in charge of all the good things that are to come to you, he gets to dictate when and what you’re worthy of, and he always holds the final say. Whereas “god” is an extension of ourselves, or rather, we are an extension of it; meaning, no changes can occur, unless get get off our scary asses and start making said changes! 

Ladies from the RAW artist Hollywood Showcase, walking for Sass Creation

Ladies from the RAW artist Hollywood Showcase, walking for Sass Creation


I have had more success and growth in these past 4 months living in LA, than I have ever had in my life! And I don’t find it egotistical or blasphemous in the least bit to say that I made this happen. God didn’t do anything for me, Megan Faith Tate created this reality, and I’m damn proud that I did. I moved to LA on a whim, I worked hard on my art and perfecting my craft, I increased my work load and ethic, I’ve been out here networking and making appearances and connections, I’ve been putting in WORK, ok? And I will not say that God did any of that FOR me.


God’s power means nothing if it doesn’t have someone to work through. Jesus didn’t come to earth and wait around for God to perform all these miracles. Jesus came down and got to work! Jesus was a vessel, and god was  the source of his power. This exactly how we all need to behave.


Back to the original meme in question, the conclusion that I really want to impress upon you all is; STOP WAITING. If you want something, go get it! If you’re uncomfortable where you’re at in life, don’t fool yourself into thinking that’s where god WANTS you to be I’m not saying life is meant to be hugs and rainbows, and that you will never experience struggle. But for you to think being in a tough situation is a test of your faith, a test to see how long you can endure hell until God finally decides to give you a break, then honey, you got a whole lotta bull shit coming your way.


If we really want to be successful, if we really want peace, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment, then we need to get over the idea that someone’s going to come around and hand it to us. When has ANYTHING in life ever worked that way? If you want to be blessed, then set yourself up to let those blessings flow! I wanted to be a full time artist, so you know what I did? I started being a full time artist! If you want to start your own business, then start one! Make your own website? Make one! Lose that weight, get that job, find that relationship? You can do literally every one of these things, by simply DOING IT.


Obviously, that’s easier said that done, and no it’s not going to happen over night. But god helps people who helps themselves. Take baby steps. Learn a little about what field you want to get into, slowly start creating and building up your portfolio, expand your network, talk to people, gain insight. Eventually, you’re going to see the picture you always wanted seemingly emerging out of nowhere! And you made that a reality! You will never see the change you seek in your external reality, unless you start within. 


Thanks for tuning into to yet another rant of mine. I just want you all to be the masters of your fate, and the captains of your soul. I will definitely have many more articles to come about how you can stop waiting around for blessings to fall into your lap, and align your intent and energy to create the blessings you seek for yourselves!


Peace, love, light, and all that other jazz. And as always, stay bossy.