What Do We Know Really?

What Do We Know Really?


One of the dopest and most righteous songs ever is, “Don’t Worry” by jerboy Curtis Mayfield: one of my idols. A song in which he goes on to say, “educated fools from uneducated schools. Talmbout, don’t worry. They say, don’t worry. But they don’t know.” This will forever be one of the realest songs ever written, in my opinion —  the gospel, if you will. The gospel being truth, specifically, unspoken truth.youDontKnowYouDontKnow

The bulk of this piece will hinge on the idea that we don’t know what we don’t know i.e. the vast majority of us are, indeed, educated fools from uneducated schools, whether we like it or not.

I’ve always been an extremely bright dude. I’ve excelled academically in every way imaginable; I beasted high school and graduated college with honors, yet I obtained the lion’s share of my “smarts”, so to speak, post grad. I’ve had an overwhelming need to know all there is to know throughout my entire life. I was a kid who asked a lot of questions, a teen who asked even more questions, and now I’m an adult who’s convinced a great deal, if not all, of my questions will never be answered. However, this seems to not be the case for most people; even those that are quote-unquote, educated. Many graduate from higher ed and never so much as look at another book, nor make an effort to truly understand what’s going on in the world around them. Yet, for some reason, I’m still trying to figure it out myself, everyone thinks they KNOW every got damn thing. They think the kernel of knowledge they’ve obtained over the course of their academic career, partnered with all that they innately know, or have been conditioned to innately know, rather, is the end all be all. And, quite frankly, this line of thinking truly gets on the one or two nerves that I have left, because the most genuine measure of ignorance, is believing you’ve figured it all out. That’s actually the biggest problem humanity has as a collective.

flat earthWe all think we know everything and that our respective lens is the one, and only, correct lens to view this life shit through. Every belief system comes with it’s own bias; whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Black, Asian, White, Man, Woman, Liberal, or Conservative — you have your own unique set of baggage. And unless you make a concerted effort to strip yourself of these “hang ups”, you’ll always be working from a restricted level of consciousness — with outdated software. Strong beliefs, unfortunately, lead to the downright denial of any new information that challenges them, in other words, cognitive dissonance. The only way to somewhat rid yourself of this blockage, is to remain open minded — to strip yourself of all you’ve ever ingested and seek out the answers for yourself.

Seekers, those that challenge the status quo, for obvious reasons, are categorized as conspiracy theorists, kooks, militants, and  terrorists. The powers that be, the same powers that control what you see on TV, read in the newspaper, learn in school, hate, and worship, don’t want you to think. They want you to accept things as they are. They don’t want you to ask questions, let alone, find the answers to those questions. They present everything ever so matter-o-factly, but that’s simply not how things work.

By not choosing to dissect, to analyze, to grow,  you’re doing yourself and humanity a grave disservice. You don’t know what you don’t know. And the absolute LAST thing you should believe is what you’ve been told. The deeper you venture into the rabbit hole, the more you’ll realize life’s this grand ass mystery that everyone’s only scraping the surface of understanding: from the top scientists in every field, to the most devout religious leaders, and everyone in between.

If you really want to feel like you know something, accept that you know nothing. Find comfort in that fact. Not only will it make life that much more thrilling, but it will stop you from being blind sided when big shit that challenges your current paradigm saunters to the forefront. The possibilities are endless.

Stay Woke.

And Stay Groovy.