Why Is Love So Damn Stupid?

Why Is Love So Damn Stupid?

The Amendment to “Not Giving Too Many F*cks” Rule 


I’m sorry but this photo just made me roll!
She was extra heartbroken. “That man BEAT MY ASS!”

Hey Squares. In one of my recent posts I discussed not giving a shit about things potentially making you happy. And trust me, I still believe this to be true. However, I’ve decided to make an amendment so to speak, to this ideology. When I say you have to stop giving a shit…I mean you literally have to stop giving a shit about EVERYTHING. The biggest of these things…is people. More specifically, people and the romantic relationships you had with them. Cause once it’s over. It’s over. And if you continue to give too many fucks your life will suck. 


Heartbreak is probably the biggest one that you have to focus not giving a shit about. You cannot be concerned with potentially breaking someone’s heart because that could make you empathetic to their pain, which defeats the purpose.  Even more importantly, if you don’t give a shit, then you won’t get your heart broke either.  Yea, looking at folks having babies and you don’t have one could potentially be depressing. Or seeing someone lost 50lbs might make you want to eat 3 frozen pizzas by yourself and be looking like the Nutty Professor (y’all know what scene I’m talking about lol). BUT a broken heart my fellow SQUINJAS, (that’s squares and ninjas combined…lol…new word!) will literally wipe you out. Heartbreak will have you laid out on the couch for days watching the entire Mad Men series. It’s a good show, don’t get me wrong. But if you can finish it in a week because you didn’t do anything else due to having the salt TONS of heartbreak on your shoulders….well DAMN! 

Surely if you started not giving more fucks…maybe you could be the heartbreakER and not the heartbrokEN. Heartbreakers don’t give many fucks, and this is why you won’t catch them laid up somewhere crying their eyes out. Your feelings are hurt? Well heartbreakers never gave a CRIZAP to begin with so that’s not their problem. They just walk about blissfully unaware of other people’s pain. Yet here you are stuck eyeing every light fixture in the house like “is this strong enough for a rope?” 
This post may have seemed a little dreary, but what can I say? Such is life I guess. There’s people who give a damn, and people who don’t. Ask your self who has a less stressful life? Pretty sure it’s the person who doesn’t give a damn. And I’m 100% sure its the person who doesn’t fall in love or get feelings involved with people for real. It’s that person who gets to go from one relationship to the next. 
Niggas gonna be dating my brick wall and be confused
like “Damn I thought we was talking?” LMAO

In closing I’ll say what I said last time….if you want to enjoy life you have to start not giving a fuck. And the MOST important thing to not give a damn about is love. Do NOT, I repeat, do not fall in love or catch feelings. It’s a waste of your damn time in the end. You can spend two months in deep love or like and then spend three years getting over the person after y’all break up. WTF!? At that point it’s like, was the last three miserable years worth two “high on love” months? The answer is fuck no. It wasn’t. No matter how great the high was. It’s no bueno!  I’ma start building up an ultimate ass wall that niggas is just not gonna be able to break down. And when they get tired of trying to break it down and leave, it ain’t gon make me none. Cause guess what…I never gave a damn in first place! 
Until next time SQUARES!  
P.S. The pic of this ninja standing at a wall looking hella confused/concerned just makes me roll super hard! LMAO!
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