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Squares, what’s goodie two shoes?

Ask Twitter/ Facebook is C.O.S’s way of trying to better connect with our audience. We ask you a question, you answer, it gets put on the page. Simple as that. Though, you guys SUCKED at responding to this first question — like genuinely SUCKED — it’s all love. We got JUST enough answers to make a post.

Ask Twitter/ Facebook:

What’s the DUMBEST fad you ever caught yourself being a part of?

Tecurra Boo via FB – “Farmville . . . fucking fighting over the computer with everybody. haaah.”

the dumbest game -__-

Jermaine Cork via FB – “tall tees.”
Dangelos Svenkeson aka Private Theory via FB – “Jr. High I was immersed in tall tees.”

I think we all took this L. You were swaggin if you left the
sticker on  lol

Adrian Perryman via FB – “I bought one of those fake grillz from To New York in the midway”

These should’ve never been cool.

Spencer Jackson via FB – “Backwards jersesy, headband around the wrist lol, two headbands crossing over your forehead, socks under the tongue of your shoe.”

Nelly. I blame you.
Never forget

@Fembot via Twitter – “Trucker hats and jean skirts with leggings under them.”

Tacky 2.0

I let myself, get trapped in the wide leg jean fad circa 1999.

Yep. This was me…
That about wraps it up folks. And I’ll leave y’all with this. One.

My man did an entire 8 counts in 3 seconds. I’m dead.
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