Drake on Kendrick and “Control” — Get Yo BIG

Drake on Kendrick and “Control” — Get Yo BIG

Squares. What’s goodeth?

Ok, so “Control’s” come and gone, but folks in the hip hop community are still talking about it for some reason. Hence this post. Ya boy Drake recently commented in a radio interview that he’s not interested in working with Kendrick right now, and what be surprised if anybody he “dissed” works with him in the near future. Fwhat?

I feel like I missed something.

1. Kendrick is Kendrick. A got damn boss and he’s going to continue to work with the best of his peers.

2. To me it wasn’t a diss record. At all. Fam was strictly saying he was gunning for the # 1 spot. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why it was that big of a deal.

3. Aubrey need to get out his got damn feelings. Fam wonder why he’s always the butt of somebody’s joke. Mr. Fuggin Sensitivity. Ol I cried at the end of Coming to America face head ass.

Yes, that’s a tear

Getcho Big *sings* “I wear my sunglasses at night” cause the moonlight hurts my eyes face head –  BIGGG I sleep in a care bear onsie with my thumb in my mouth and a boyfriend pillow face head – oo not so rough, babe, be gentle face head ass all the way the fuck out of DODGE.

Somebody PLEASE escort  ya boy, Aubry off the premises.

Squares. Am I off base? Let me know what you think?

Stay Woke.