FIVE: Common Embarrassing Moments

FIVE: Common Embarrassing Moments

That Never Get Less Embarrassing No Matter How Many Times They Occur

What it DO Squares? I was thinking the other day of embarrassing things that have happened to me and others in my life and how funny they are. As I was laughing to myself, I began to notice that all of these embarrassing moments have one thing in common: they commonly happen to everyone ALL THE TIME and it never gets less embarrassing each time. So in response to this conclusion I decided to come up with FIVE commonly embarrassing moment categories that never get less embarrassing no matter how many times they occur. I’ve also included videos highlighting my points. Observe: 

Farting or Going Number Two in Public
Even though this is a natural bodily function that everyone does, we for some odd reason, feel like we must control the times and places it can occur. So you farting at the most inappropriate time in front of others or taking a dump in a full public bathroom is just not ok. And it’s super embarrassing. One of my most embarrassing times was when I was at my desk in the QUIETEST office in the world and did a sneeze fart. A SNART if you will. I knew it was loud cause I had my headphones on blast and still heard it. Not a good look. LMAO! 

Slipping, Tripping or Falling in Public 
No matter how funny this is, no one wants to be the person that busted their shit. It’s just so embarrassing. It’s comes out of nowhere and I suppose the surprise on the person’s face when they begin to slip or fall is what’s more funny. The worst is probably busting your ass at the club because that’s when you are supposed to be at your so called best. You looking good, smelling good…and damn…those 4 inch heels take your ankle to a turn for the worst! Next thing you know you sitting there with a busted knee and a broken spirit. Ego completely smashed on. Worst moment ever!

*Notice the look on Michelle’s face though…know she was super embarrassed! LOL!

Getting Stood Up


Ok so I couldn’t find a good video for this one, but the picture says enough! Getting stood up is the most embarrassing shit in the world because NO MATTER the reason why you got stood up…YOU look like the asshole. The person meeting you could be dead, could’ve had an emergency and couldn’t call, or they could simply be standing you up to be a jerk. Either way, the waiters/waitresses and other guests at the restaurant don’t know all that. All they know is that some loser has been sitting at a table for two by themselves for ENTIRELY too long! The waiter continues to come to your table asking to fill your water glass or if you’re ready to order. Only reminding you that you been sitting there like a complete asshole for the last two hours waiting for a guest they don’t even believe exists at this point. 

Saying a Racist Woke When the Member of That Group is Present
Here goes another scenario where you look like the biggest asshole in the world. You said something racist. It might have been funny. Folks may have wanted to laugh on the low. But since the member of that race is there…it’s just no bueno. Doesn’t matter what race you are. Black white Asian…whatever…you gonna look like a total douche when you say a racist joke in front of that particular race. Period. 


Cussing Out or Confronting the Wrong Person
This is the ultimate embarrassment. That moment when you see your lady at the club and some random guy is buying her a drink and you snap. Only to find out that it was her cousin that you never met (like for real her cousin) LMAO! Or when you confront that co-worker about how they need to step it up on the project you’ve been working on and you send it to Singh Pawan and not Pawan Singh. SHIT! And what about that Facebook message you sent to that “home wrecking slut” because she requested your man on Facebook. Only to find out she’s married with three kids and lives in Spain. No affair going on…you just look like an insecure asshole. But the GREATEST embarrassment that comes under this category is when he is NOT the Father told publicly to thousands of viewers! This of course being after you stalked him for the last year about how he needs to take care of his responsibilities and such and it was all for nothing.


There you have it folks! FIVE embarrassing things that happen to us often that never get less funny or less embarrassing. The read between the lines theme of this post is: shit happens. No matter how much the above mentioned things happen, they will always be one of the MOST embarrassing things that ever happened to you. What makes these moments so embarrassing though is the fact that they were witnessed by people who are publicly or secretly DYING LAUGHING at your misfortune. And they will continue to laugh at this moment for the rest of their lives. These are moments you will never live down.  If you fall down the stairs, you may laugh it off…but you’re embarrassed. It never fails. If you just did an explosion in the bathroom only to find your boss doing her makeup in the mirror when you come out…it’s not a good look! But a funny story to tell your friends later none the less. 
Hope you enjoyed the post and it brought you a couple of laughs! 
Until Next Time Squares! 

D Frankly
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