FIVE: YouTube Videos that CRACK ME the F UP!

FIVE: YouTube Videos that CRACK ME the F UP!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to laugh and it’s pretty DAMN easy to make me laugh hysterically. I’d like to say that I also have a pretty contagious laugh as well. I’ve heard many of my friends say that half the stuff I’m dying laughing at isn’t even funny…
Like this pic for example….

But since I find it SOOOOOOO hilarious they are just laughing at me laughing. So without further ado, here are FIVE videos that consistently have me cracking up in tears EVERY TIME I watch them. When I’m having a bad day…I review these videos and the day is not so bad.

Even if you’ve seen them already, you’ll get a good laugh. And for those of you who know me…imagine me cracking up hysterically at these videos…and that will give you a good laugh! LMAO!!!!! Happy LAUGHING SQUARES!


People Falling Down Stairs

This is an AFV montage. And y’all know that’s my FAVORITE show! If you don’t like to hear someone cracking up hysterically watching TV, then don’t watch AFV with me.

I Can’t Dance 

Another AFV montage of people’s dancing failures!

Police FAIL

I find this one to be hilarious because of all the cursing this cop does. It’s just so funny to me.

Home Shopping FAIL

I won’t even give a clue as to what happens in this one. Just watch. I promise you’ll laugh.

President Obama Messing Up On His Speech

I definitely support our President in all he does and I think he’s a great speaker. But nobody’s perfect right? LOL Check out a speech where President Obama just clearly wasn’t on this A game. I find it quite hilarious!
Ok TWO more (both are pretty short) that I find to be hilarious…and then I’m done.

Scarlett Takes A Tumble 
LMAO! Everyone has probably seen this one…but it cracks me up EVERY TIME! 

Single Ladies GONE WRONG!
I can’t even describe this one. Just watch.
Until next time SQUARES!
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