Discover Dope: 465 and a Half – A Web Series


What’s Goodeth? Every time I write I feel like I begin by saying, “long time, no see” smh. We’re going to do better. As I said in a post not too long ago, there’s been a lot of changes in the works. We should have consistent content churning out as soon as next week, as well as a newish look. That being said, today I’m dropping 465 and a Half ¬†on you guys, which is a web series I’m working on along with the help of my partner in crime, Faith (who’s also a new edition to CoS – articles coming soon).

In case you didn’t know, I recently moved to Los Angeles to chase my young dreams. 465 and Half is a web series loosely based on this transition – a transition that’s definitely been a roller coaster ride of sorts, to say the least. Each episode will be completely random — don’t expect a thread seaming things together outside of the address and the characters. Think, Portlandia, but kind of not really — if that helps.

Let us know what you think. Suggest ideas. All that fun stuff.

465 and a Half


Good Vibes and Groovy Spaces,