FIVE: Signs You May Be a Hippy

FIVE: Signs You May Be a Hippy


What’s good, Squares?

Some time around March of this year, it dawned on me that I was a hippy. It explained so much.

*English Accent*


It provided me with a profound sense of clarity . . . understanding . . . an utter contentment that was never there previously. Twas as if I’d been born again. As if every woe and worry experienced hitherto was for NAUGHT!

Aright, let me get off trash.

It truly was an eye opening experience. I studied the 60’s counterculture quite extensively during undergrad.  I was drawn to it—to the anarchy. The Freedom. The Love.  For years, I never understood why what was “normal” to everyone else – hate, violence, death, destruction, poverty, stress, competition, expectation – never felt natural to me. I valued things like love, passion, creation, cooperation, collaboration, freedom, simplicity, and joy: natural things. And unfortunately, as a society, these aren’t ideas we value . . . foster . . . cultivate.

Being a black hippy only magnified my sense of isolation. There aren’t many of us, so typically, I felt out of place. Often opting to put on a mask in order to blend in with my surroundings. But now, I could give a fuck less. I’m more apt to let my freak flag wave. I embrace being counter culture. Why? Because it’s the path that most maximizes my happiness. It keeps my spirit in tune with nature as well as in tune with my fellow brothers and sisters. And It’s just who I am. I can’t deny it.

And neither can you.

Here’s FIVE sure fire ways to know whether you’re a Hippy or not:

1. You Love – Everybody and Everything.

Love is the essence of hippy culture. We believe it’s the very foundation of our being and that many of the problematic issues we face as a society could be attributed to an overall LACK of love. We see ourselves in everything. How could we hate ourselves? Destroy ourselves? Neglect ourselves? We only have love to give . . . to anyone and everything who’s willing to receive it.  We lead with our heart.

2. You feel connected to not only our planet, but also the universe, on a spiritual level.


Many hippies, not all, believe in some form on oneness. i.e. the interconnectedness of all things. That mother earth is just one big organism we’re all a part of. And when we’re in disharmony as a people, as a planet – when we go against our true nature, like we our currently — our mother let’s us know. Take a look around. Shit’s a tad bit unpredictable, is it not? Drought, natural disaster, shrinking ice caps, endangered species  — vital species: disharmony.

Also, our bodies let us know when we’re in disharmony. We lack energy, we’re depressed, angry, negative . . . it sucks the very life force out of us. Hippies take time to pay attention to what their bodies are telling them. We slow down. We meditate. We recharge. It’s necessary.

We also find it necessary to acknowledge our insignificance, while in the same breath, embracing how miraculous we truly are. Sure. We’re not even a speck of a speck when you think about the vastness of the Universe. BUT we’re the only “conscious” beings on this planet. Able to reason – to try and wrap our heads around what’s really happening here – able to build, to create – it’s legitimately crazy what we’re capable of . . . hurts my brain.

3. You can’t seem to keep your shoes on . . . or your clothes, for that matter.

We hippies love being in our natural state: naked. We hate shoes. We hate socks. We hate underwear. Shit. We hate clothes. We like being one with nature. Feeling grass and sand between our toes. Could really give a fuck less about being dirty. It’s no big deal. A little dirt won’t kill us.

4. You’re anti manmade goods.

Man has a way of poisoning people – of putting ourselves in harms way. Plastic is poisonous, our food is poisonous, our medicine is poisonous – big business is poisonous, and big business runs the world. Hippies like to go natural whenever possible – hair care, skin care, food, medicine – if we can get it from our mother, we will. It only makes since, considering our ideology.

5.You feel the industrialized world directly conflicts with our true nature.

There are a lot of things we’re still figuring out as a species. There are a lot of unknowns. But for some reason, we think we know everything. Every great civilization this world has seen caved in on itself because they thought they knew everything. We’re doing the same. Each of these civilizations made similar mistakes – creating money, growing too quickly, political and religious corruption, a vast divide between the rich and poor, yada yada yada. Hippies are painfully aware of how off track our current system is. How grossly archaic our views are. And how downright uncivilized we truly are as a species.


If I just described you. You may . . . in fact . . . be a hippy.

Embrace it.

Do some research.

Discover a new more liberating way of being.

And always.


Stay Woke.