Six: iphone Apps That Go Pretty Hard Part II

Six: iphone Apps That Go Pretty Hard Part II


I’ve had a chance to dive into a few more iphone apps for you guys. It’s always a good time. Here’s my top FIVE Six for this week:

1.) 30/30

If you’ve ever wanted to live your life on a schedule, which I find myself wanting to do more and more everyday, this app will definitely help you do it. It allows you to set a task and a timer for as many activities as you see fit. Currently I have — blog for an hour, draw for an hour, break for 30, work on my script for an hour 45. If you’re anything like me, this app is damn near necessary. Without an alarm, I could end up trapped in CoS for 2 hours, which cuts into my time for other endeavors. I recommend this jaunt for everybody — well, not everybody . . . just anybody who’s trying to be productive, yet has a hard time doing so.

2.) Ebay

There’s really nothing fancy about this app, but the easy to use interface makes it a hell of a lot quicker and than going to the actual site. I may never go to again. In my opinion, that’s the danger of this “app revolution”. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a dramatic drop in internet use as a whole over the next five years.

3.) Six3

Now, this app is pretty dope, but it could be SO much better. It’s a video messenger that allows you to record a video, put a filter on it, and send it through text, email, or share it on both FB and Twitter. Obviously you see how HAM this could really go if utilized correctly. What it got me thinking about was a movie – making app. Don’t steal the idea, I’m going to flush it out when I actually have some bread. An app that allows you to add filters, sound effects/music , generic special effects, and transitions/ cuts. Shit would be super dope. Nonetheless, this app can really be useful if you decide to make it useful i.e. capturing funny moments — people running for the bus, a bad weave/ outfit, a fight — kid’s doing adorable ish — the possibilities are endless.
Oh, another thing that’s wack about this app is there’s a time limit. I think you get about a minute and 30 seconds. Then again, who wants a 15 minute video sent to them? So, I suppose that makes sense.

4.) Wikipanion

This app further substantiates my claim about the internet beginning to take a backseat to the “app revolution”. Wikipanion is simply Wikipedia on your phone. So, now, instead of asking google a question to only end up on Wikipedia anyway, you can just go to this app. Pretty dope/ useful if I must say so myself.

5.) Pitfall

I don’t know about y’all, but Pitfall was one of my favorite games for Sega Genesis. I’ve been waiting for a remake for years, but since it’s looking like that’s not going to happen on a NextGen, this iphone version will do just fine. No wolf, the shit is kind of addicting and more than a little bit frustrating. You run nonstop — hopping, sliding, whipping, and gliding out of harms way. It’s a good time. Downside? This jaunt was only free for a limited of time. I copped it last week, so I suggest you hop on it asap if you’re trying to nab it for the price of . . . on the house.
6.) Asphalt Heat 7

If you were a fan of the previous versions of Asphalt, you’ll definitely be a fan of Asphalt Heat 7. This is by far the best and most impressive racing game I’ve ever played on a phone. Like, seriously, this shit is dope. The graphics are top notch, you got a gazillion whips/ levels you’re able to open up — out of every game I’ve played on the iphone thus far, this feels most like a legitimate GAME — like that you could cop for Ps3 or suntin. Needless to say, I’ll be playing the mess out of this jaunt for awhile. Downside? This was also only free for a limited time, so hop to it.

That wraps up my favorite apps for this week.
Until next time, Squares.
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