MN Nice: "Lynching Willie" by A.J. Brisco #KnowYourHistory

MN Nice: "Lynching Willie" by A.J. Brisco #KnowYourHistory


How many of you are familiar with the name, Willie Lynch? If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you should definitely be familiar with his body of work — especially if you follow “Black Twitter” where our inherent disdain for each other is alive and well.

I had a chance to preview an excerpt from Minneapolis author, A.J. Brisco’s, newly released book, Lynching Willie, and was deeply moved. After being pelted with statistic after statistic, fact after fact, I was drained after only ten minutes, yet I couldn’t stop reading. I’ll admit the subject matter was a lot for me to swallow, but not because the information was new to me, per se, but more so because . . . my love for my people runs deep, so to be reminded how fucked up things truly are within our community just rubs me the wrong way. And it always will.

We all see it: folks flossing money they don’t have, nigga this, nigga that, bitch this, bitch that, copping jays, yet your phone’s cut off, car tricked out, still live at the crib, baby mama’s and daddy’s instead of families, brother’s, uncle’s, cousin’s, father’s incarcerated, 180 dollars spent on weave, oversexed, undereducated, black businesses where are they, death – on top of death  – on top of death – on top of death, on tv and in our music, the bumbling bafoons — we all see it.

This book is about understanding where we’ve come from, how we’ve been conditioned, and how we, as a people — as a community, can rectifying the situation. In my opinion, Lynching Willie is a necessary addition to every bookshelf in America. I’ll definitely be copping it myself.

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Excerpt from the “Lynching Willie” – Introduction:

“This  writing was compiled in relation to the 300th anniversary of Willie
Lynch’s theory. His system was introduced in the colonized state of Virginia on
the bank of the James river in 1712 to slave owners with the promise of a fool
proof conditioning on “how to make a slave, and keep a slave a slave” that
would be effective for 300 years. 2012 is the year of the manifestation of this
theory and scheme materializing as a truth.

It is a fact that the ailments of this conditioning are recognizable in today’s
cultural behavior within the descendants of slaves here in North America. I will
be quoting the William Lynch speech of 1712, then elaborating on the current
existence of his theory in our behavior pattern and train of thought. I will then
extend a proposed solution to reverse this conditioning. Although, these ideas
will not be effective without the necessary application of the proposed solutions
shared in this book.

I am sure that if we put as much intelligent information into our minds as we
do self-destructive material, we would be striving for a different agenda
opposed to obtaining cars, rims, jewelry, dope, and hoes. Instead, we would be
striving to build our own brand of vehicle, focusing on establishing financial
empowerment through home ownership, creating products instead of
consuming products, and molding our women into Michelle Obama’s and Oprah
Winfrey’s opposed to prostitutes and strippers.

Along with the theoretical solutions in this book, you will find some questions
in reference to the existing psychological issues and economical circumstances
that we are suffering from as a people. Selective pieces of  this writing were
composed to make you question yourself and your actions, or to simply provoke
the question of “who is going to take on the responsibility to be responsible for
our youth, and the economical development of our communities?”

In concluding this book, I will suggest what I feel to be realistically attainable
solutions to the dilemmas that we suffer from personally, culturally, and
financially. Keep in mind that these ideas will only be intelligent thoughts until
application is placed behind  them, individually (self) and  collectively (as a

About the Author:

A.J. Briscoe is an author, entrepreneur, orator, and prison literacy advocate striving towards the opportunity to explode the stereotype placed on individuals living in underserved communities across America. Writing, pioneering innovations, community interaction, and mentoring youth has allowed his experience to inspire confidence and change in those that have been challenged by life’s difficulties.
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