Thinkin’ Out Loud

Thinkin’ Out Loud

What’s the word, Squares?

I haven’t written anything of substance in a long while (and this post will help to continue that trend). So, I figured I’d start by just posting SOMETHING to get my feet wet and get back in the habit or writing. It’s all about baby steps.


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I’m geeked for my fall tv shows to start back up. 

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Drake might have won the MVP for 2013 with Nothing Was the Same. (Yes I know it’s not released until tomorrow. Oh the power of the Internet)



I’m supposed to be moved out of my apartment in a week. And I’ve only done about an hours worth of packing.



I wish we could get folks to actually COMMENT on posts (Yes, I’m talking to you)


The 2nd portion of that Justin Timberlake album drops next week and I’m looking forward to it.


The Vikings are wasting Adrian Peterson’s talent. Got the pleasure of witnessing their last loss up close and personal.

new jim crow

I started reading The New Jim Crow and I’m already loving it.


Alright, that’s all I have for y’all.


Until Next Time,

Be Great.


Q Guru