FIVE – We Could Do Better

FIVE – We Could Do Better



Ya know . . . every now and again, I have to remind myself that this shit is utterly fucking stupid and could be done a much better and more efficient way. By “this shit”, I mean everything, and by “everything”, I mean the way our civilization is run and organized. And I’m not just talking about just here, in America; I’m talking about our entire global community. Humanity can do so much better and needs to do better if we hope to sustain.

Picture this:

An entire globalized and industrialized planet. Every country from America to Madagascar has expansive skylines that fill our night sky with the fluorescent flicker of millions of light bulbs instead of stars. We all have access to whatever we want almost instantaneously – salmon? Fuhgedabodit. Mango? You betcha. Fresh water? Ain’t no thanggg. We gotchu. Everybody on the planet has a whip, a crib, a white picket fence. Shhheez, sound almost too good to

pollutionbe true, don’t it?

Well . . . ‘cause it fuggin is. At least within our current paradigm, which, to reiterate, is fucking stupid.

So Myc, since you know er got damn thing, how SHOULD it be ran and organized, how could YOU do better, lil neeh!?

 Oh what would I do? I got about FIVE things I’d do differently. Oh shit, the first FIVE post in got damn ages, what’s goodie? But I digress.

Here are FIVE things the world could do better in order to make humanity coexist much more harmonically and organically with each other, the planet, and everything on it.

 1.)  Restructure our Monetary System.


It’s stupid. And it doesn’t work. If it did, the entire globe wouldn’t be in debt. From country to countrymen we’re all swimming in some shit WE made up. Why? Obvious reasons that I won’t get into because it’s an entire post within itself. However, I will say that people need to have more of a problem with the way things are structured, and voice it. Our tax dollars vanish into thin air. The vast majority of us are living paycheck to paycheck or on less than a dollar a day. While this mufucker over here has six castles, three islands, and a Unicorn. Where the fuck he find a Unicorn? I believe that’s something the bulk of us should feel some kind of way about.

There are better ways. Resource based systems, barter systems infused with capitalism, etc etc. Capitalism actually isn’t so bad on paper; it’s just tragically abused. If everyone had an equal opportunity to actual build capital, then it’d be okay, but unfortunately, it’s led us to a Corporatacracy that’s about as destructive as a runaway bulldozer. At the end of the day, we need to do away with whole competition based, I have a lot, and you have a little system we’ve been hanging onto for dear life – which leads me to my next point.

 2.)  Invest in Human capital; Not Everyone Needs to Work

college fast food

Let’s just admit it to ourselves. The unemployment rate and underemployment rate will never go down. Our world is becoming increasingly mechanized. People no longer have to do 90% of the shit we’ve been doing over the course of that past 60 years because computers and bots are here to hold us down and give us our lives back. I know maybe two people with degrees that are actually using them i.e. our time could be better utilized. We could be creating dope shit, inventing, BEING PARENTS (cause lawd knows we need more of them instead of these biological babysitters walkin’ ‘round), building the society we all feel is possible if we weren’t relegated to being glorified cash registers, machines, and mini-corporations. Because that’s all we are. We spend a disgustingly large portion of our time putting on faces and selling ourselves to the highest bidder. And very few people are happy doing it; it’s nauseating.

Currently, our entire system is designed for the average Joe to be an employee for the rest of their natural lives. However, we could be so much more. And I know YOU know you could be so much more. Our school system from preschool to higher ed, creates machines and mini corporations – otherwise, you’d actually learn something while you’re there. Something of substance. Something that makes you want to be there.

I know many of you won’t agree with this assertion. Just humor it. Let it sit on your brand (typo – meant brain, BUT – fitting is it not?) for a second.

 3.)  Stop Suppressing Our Ingenuity


Dude. Everything we could ever dream of inventing – from cars that run on water,to engines that don’t require a “power source” i.e. fossil fuels – have been invented. We could have enough power for everyone on the planet, for free. We could have enough food for everyone without raping the fuck out of planet to obtain it. We could house everyone in hours, with 3D printing – we could do all of these things. But our current monetary system is shutting it all down. These inventions would take money out of a lot of already obscenely deep pockets, and that’d be too much like right.

Not only have we already thought of dope ways to sustain ourselves, but we’ve thought of extremely dope ways to sustain life around us, as well as make life amongst each other more harmonic and efficient, through the use of intentional design, forethought, and some good ol fashioned logic. But naturally, these people aren’t the ones making decisions.

Just some more shit the collective should be somewhat peeved about.

 4.)  Stop Tricking the People into Thinking War is Necessary


War is little more than the elite playing Risk with real people. They’re seldom fought for the reasons they’re saying they’re being fought. You can always assume there’s some underlying ploy for a country digging its nose in another country’s business, whether it be natural resource driven, economically driven, or anything in between; it’salways a power grab, or a reallocation of that power, and a distraction for the people from larger more pressing issues: nothing more, nothing less. And a stupid amount of our money, lives, and time are wasted because of it. Not to mention how contradictive it is – governments can murder, steal, rape, and pillage, all in the name of war, but if the common man does it, he’s put under the jail. Make sense much?


5.)  Get Rid of These Goofy Ass Governments

sheepleEvery government around the globe is run by corporate interests i.e. big money. Therefore, they are all inherently corrupt. An inherently corrupt government cannot and will not ever be for the people. It’s the best show on TV. Hence, why I don’t watch it, and neither should you – or at least watch it with a widened perspective. You have to take shit the media tells you, which is controlled by these very same corporate interests, with a grain of salt. They skew, and skew, and skew, feeding you half story after half story. If you want real news, you have to look at media outlets outside of the mainstream.

If you take a gander at the history of this Civilization, or planet for that matter, you’ll see that the people have never been governed by the great minds of the time. Great minds are generally on the outskirts, ostracized – considered radicals and kooks, or flat out MIZURKED, by the very governments the collective hold to such high and reverent esteem.

What I want people to realize is how little we need them jokers. If I had one wish – just had a flash of Ray J for a hot second – it’d be for the masses to realize how much wealth there is in solidarity – how much power there is one man helping out the next man as opposed to stomping on his feet. We need to recognize that we’re all family. One big ass family trying desperately to get a handle on this life shit. Do you think we’re this dodge ram divided innately? Because we want to be? C’mon now. Wake up to who we are and what’s going on here. Everything is orchestrated. It’s easy to put the clamps on a divided people. Always has been and always will be. So, my friends and family . . . we need to change the script – and reclaim our power.

Or parish. On some fluke shit.

Stay Woke.

And Stay Groovy.