Stan the White Man Spits RNS


Yesterday, my sis posted a link for this video on my Facebook: “Stan the White Man EXPLAINS How to Rule the World” — more specifically, how Black people should go about ruling the world. It’s borderline the realest shit ever. He really didn’t say shit I didn’t already know, but that’s just me. I’m about 90% sure what he says will do one of two things to the general Black population: 1. piss you off, or 2. cause you to think a bit.

I’m all about pissing people off and making them think, so without further adieu: Stan the White Man:

Post Video Questions:

Agree or disagree?

What points do you feel were valid/ invalid?

How did this video make you feel?

What were some thoughts that came to mind throughout?

Post answers in comment sections.



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