Where Y’all Been?


Long time no speak. I know . . . I’ve started my last eight posts like this. i.e. ja boy been slacking. However, I’ve got great news:

I just quit the FUCK out my job.

Sure, I got two dollars to my name. Yeah, I’m hand washing my drawers and brushing my teeth with my finger. Don’t eem trip. It only means I’ll finally have time to drop knowledge bombs on these COS streets day in and day out, for the first time since ’96. It’s cool. You can be excited.

That being said, over the course of the last year or so, me and my cohorts, at least those that are left, have gone through quite the growth period. Our paradigms have shifted, we’ve exposed ourselves to a wealth of new and rather enlightening information, our interests have changed, and we’ve had an abundance of perspective stretching experiences, so naturally, our subject matter, from here on out, will be a reflection of our growth. We’ll still try and make you laugh. We’ll still point you to dope music and other entertainment. But the bulk of our discourse will revolve around what it means to be human, advice on how to navigate this life shit effectively, and what’s popping off on this planet of ours. Not saying any of this is particularly “new” to COS, we’ll just be exploring all of these subjects with a much wider lens.

Be on the look out. Also, we’ll be redesigning the overall look and feel of our page, so be on the look for that as well.

Aside from that, I’ll be launching my creative consulting/ artist(s) site, Discover Dope, sometime next week. We’ll be selling dope shit on the site, such as original artwork, children’s books, custom clothes, and the like,  as well as offering a variety of services, like graphic and logo design, photography, commissioned art, curriculum development, and much much more;  so, definitely be on the look out for THAT.

Until then,

Good Vibes and Groovy Spaces.


Oh, I also changed my name. The artist formally known as MicRNS, face foot ass.