Black History Month: A Journey Worth Taking

As we embark on this month long journey called black history. Let’s emphasize the BLACK HISTORY portion. Not the celebrations of life, not the celebrations of being black all year but the HISTORY of being black. Let’s look at what it was like to be black.  Let’s take a look back what it used to be like to a black man, a black woman and a black family…
Black Family Migrating From Rural South To Urban North
Taking images from our past to merely show them again in movies and posters serves no purpose unless we understand why… Why did we do what we had to do…What caused us to make swift and instant moves… Let’s put ourselves in those shoes and embrace the essence of what it was like to be BLACK in the 70’s 40’s and 20’s. Envision yourself back in time as the same black person today in 1860. 
Could you have sacrificed so much for a generation that you couldn’t see.
Would you have stood up to the slave masters despite of the consequences?
Would you have been able to take that laborious trek with Sista Harriet Tubman across the back woods of the Underground Railroad?
 Would you have been able to swallow your pride in the face of white discrimination so you could earn enough money to send your child to the newly formed HBCU’s of 1870’s.
Would you have been able to soak in the self-hatred and still come out a brutha or sista of the divine 9. 
W.E.B DuBois
Would you have been able to press toward the mark of a Ph.D when you weren’t allowed to share a classroom with white students; instead having to sit in the hallway and graduate able to speak Latin W.E.B DuBois status… —->        
Carter G. Woodson
 ^—-Carter G. Woodson
When we look at this month we look at it as a given. Not something that was fought for over centuries, litigated against and caused uproar when approved. Carter G. Woodson in 1926…FREAKING 1926….had a vision, a vision of a simple week to honor black advances and achievements to illustrate to a current and future generations the ability of our people.  Now since 1976, the month we call February has been progressed from “Negro History Week” to Black History Month.
This is a month unlike any other. Yes, it is only one month out of 12 and only 28 days out of 365 but so what. It is our 28 days, it is our month. Let’s be proud of the accomplishments that we have taken upon broad, beaten and neglected shoulders. Let’s toot our own horn this month. Let’s respect the elders that paved the way. It was previous generations that swallowed infinite amounts of pride In hopes that future generations could have a better chance of life. A life worth living. No one wanted to be slave, no one wanted to be abused and no one wanted to be the murdered BUT THEY HAD TO ENDURE, THEY HAD TO DO WHAT WAS NECESSARY IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH THE TASK AT HAND. The sum of our actions as a people have built a solid foundation; now what are we doing to enhance the lives of future generations. Are we only reaping the benefits of previous generations or are we simultaneously building upon this world for future black generations, future black men, future black women, future black families.
Let’s embark onward; onward with a shed of concern; a concern for those in front of us; those future generations; generations of Beautiful Black People.
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