Circle of Squares: Fantasy Football Week 1 Results

Well ladies and gentlemen the best time of year has arrived. Baseball is winding down, basketball is on its way and Football has officially kicked off. What comes naturally with professional sports are the ever exciting fantasy games which make time and the seasons’ MORE intense than normal.

So with the excitement naturally present with participation we have kicked off a Circle of Squares Fantasy Football League via ESPN. This year’s league showcases a diverse group of GAMERS from across the country with one thing in common… Football.

16 people vying for a chance to become top DAWG with an alternated scoring system because frankly the 3 point method was a tad boring and gave way for a lack of participation come week 8. So I shook things up to create a little FIRE in this season’s play.

The match-ups and subsequent week 1 results are as follows…

Jackson Minnesotans 798.7 v. Trap Roosie 757.9
@be4long(me)                                 @rooslauren

This brother was Roos was talking big smack earlier this week and now *shrugs* CAME up SHAWT… lol but it is what it is…NEXT

Team Van 970.9 v. Team Brown 744.1
@realmrvan             twitterless A-Brown

Well this one started off good on Wednesday night but Team Van brought the A-game Sunday and never looked back.. Game wasn’t even close…

Team Jones 927.7 v. Team Worloblah 758.3
Both Twitterless but team jones is family so s/o to FAM for the win.

Team Jones started off this week way behind but them Monday night performances put him way above team Worlobah

Team Dwanyen 805 v. NC MrsNicks88 809.2
@neenobrowne            @lexxyfaye

This game was the opening debut for two of our women Fantasy footballers (a rising trend in FFL), and ironically they squared off against each other. This game was close all the way through and MrsNicks88 even started off behind but again she came roaring back and edged Team Dwanyen last minute. SHUCKS lol

Team Sherow 943.2 v. SoCal Ace of Spaces 888.7
twitterless Sherow          @3000reasonswhy

Team Sherow led the way and held it down for St. Paul Central Alum… 3000 reason’s why you lost… haha

The System 911.9 v. MN Original Brown 616.7
@Swiffthesigma      twitterless brown

This match-up was never close the system started off blazing and busted heads all week. Team brown is also fam but didn’t hold it down at aLL… damn cuz… Ironically, MN Original Brown has some ball players but the bench held them back…

Team Flowers 797.6 v Minneapolis Victorious 884.8
@beejayrothstein         @MrMartyMekFly

Meh… mpls won….*shrugs*


MN Silent Rebels 991.8 v. Team Coleman 989
@dreadywinslow               @tatiyanaDLH

This game had the best story line and the closest score. My ninja MN Silent Rebels faced off against Team Coleman in a heated battle on the gridiron of Fantasy Football. Initially the match-up was not close at all; MN Silent Rebels was getting his behind whooped early on Sunday, but came roaring back to LOSE the match-up BY FREAKING .1. YES THAT’S RIGHT… MN SILENT REBELS LOST AS OF MONDAY NIGHT by .1.—- 988.9 to 989… Team Coleman celebrated, tweeted pics, did cartwheels after popping bottles… OHHHHHHH HOWEVER, MN Silent Rebels knew… Stats are adjusted by ESPN after the league adjusts stats. HIS only hope was to win by adjustment… Come Tuesday Morning…. He won… With the turn of events… My Ninja brought home the W and Pooty-Tanged Team Coleman….  NOW who’s laughing now….haha

This week proved to be exciting and AWESOME… lol looking forward to week 2… WE all can only hope things continue to get more exciting and more intense…

For standings and scores check out the website… and link to ESPN…

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