Dumb women– Think LIKE a MAN and ACT like a LADY!!!

Dumb women– Think LIKE a MAN and ACT like a LADY!!!

The good brother Steve Harvey really stirred the proverbial pot of grits with his new book/film “Act like a lady, Think like a man”.

Steve Harvey and his Gorgeous Wife


Lately, I’ve seen many women; and a few bandwagon men, on the Twitter-sphere blasting the “phrase” and idea behind, act like a lady, think like a man. So, I took it upon myself to discuss a few points about this whole matter at hand and clear up a few mistaken points of this “help book”

*disclaimer* I have not read the book, researched it or taken a look at reviews, I have not seen the movie only previews. I am making all of these statements based on a predisposition I have towards Steve Harvey and the amount of intelligence I feel he has. I thoroughly understand, I could be wrong but I don’t feel like I will be.

First of all, I do not believe in any way Steve Harvey was saying in his title or main thesis of the book that women, in their wholeness, aren’t capable of thinking and need to think more like men because you’re inferior. I don’t know if poor wording connotation is at play here but the idea of thinking like man doesn’t imply the actual baggage that has been attached to it by some persons.

Secondly, The old addage to think like a man is not to do so with abandonment but to understand or begin to grasp the thinkings and actions of men. I believe that in Steve Harvey’s book; the premise he is promoting to women is to stop trying to understand men and our actions from the view point or framework of yourself and other women.

Men and women think completely different about almost everything in the world. Not only do we think diffrerently about different things we also see two distinct identities when looking at the same exact thing. We must acknowledge that our realities are different, our struggles are different and, our interpretations of the same is different.

Steve Harvey’s main thesis is for women to stop approaching relationships with men without understanding the thinking of men. It is in this very idea that when you understand a man you are essentially thinking like a man.

Well you may say, “My momma, sister, auntie or my grandma never “thought like a man and they got married… ” I would point you back to my previous points. It’s not about thinking per se but understanding. I guarantee you that your family member may not think like a man but they for sure understand their spouse. Actual understanding to the point where you know certain actions and certain words, thoughts or questions are going to trigger certain responses from men. And when you understand that portion you can govern yourself accordingly with that knowledge.

This book is an attempt to open the minds and rationale of men to women in a structured format so some women aren’t duked or bamboozled by miscommunication.

This book should prove to be interesting and the movie better be funny. I hope everyone goes out and supports it like we did for Hollywood’s Red Tails. -_- . but that is another paper.

Feel free purchasesildenafil.com to comment, retort, question or call out anything I say. I love an exchange of friendly banter and public discourse.

A note from the Author of this blog: “People, STOP trying to figure out all men or all women; this is a mistake, instead try to figure out that 1 man or that 1 woman. Your life will be more fruitful in doing so”

Until Next Time;

Mr. Los


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