FIVE — Sites for Forward Thinkers

FIVE — Sites for Forward Thinkers

What’s goodie, Squares?

One thing we definitely advocate here at Circle of Squares, is forward thinking. There’s an idealist — a visionary in all of us; it just has to be tapped into.

We’ve put together a list of FIVE sites that will help foster any idea/ vision you may have. Whether you need something to help get your wheels churning or you’re simply out to learn something new, trust us, these sites will prove invaluable.



This site is what they call a knowledge forum.  Big Think features, round-table discussions, interviews, and presentations from the top movers and shakers in just about every field.
This site is a compilation of the best talks from the TED(Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conferences which are held globally. TED – adopting the slogan “ideas worth spreading ”-  contains over 1,000 videos featuring big shots such as Bill Gates, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and a number of Nobel Prize winners.
Y’all should already know about Forbes. If not, click on the link and learn something. Forbes discusses all things money related, from the world’s biggest companies and the most valuable sports franchises to the richest people on earth. Forbes recently released a list of the wealthiest artists in Hip-Hop, with Diddy, Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre rounding out the top 3.
This site is an online forum for entrepreneurs worldwide. This is a good resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and founders alike. Young Entrepreneurs features strategies for entrepreneurship and marketing, interviews, advice for current and aspiring small business owners, and much more. Just dope all-around.
Relatively new – having just launched in spring of 2009 – Business on Main is a site for small-business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Containing a number of tools, videos, and discussion topics, Business on Main should help address a number of concerns relating to growth strategies, marketing, and leadership in small businesses.  This site also includes expert Q&A’s.
What sites do you cosign?
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