Minnesota Nice: Taylor J – Mental Dope Hosted by DJ Holiday

Minnesota Nice: Taylor J – Mental Dope Hosted by DJ Holiday

Album Art’s Dope


I was supposed to post this a minute ago, but slept on it. If you’re unfamiliar with who Taylor J is, he’s a Saint Paul bred MC who’s definitely going places if he continues his current trajectory.

I like to consider myself a hip hop enthusiast. I think I know a thing or two about what’s poppin’ and what’s not. I, personally, value lyricism over everything — lyricism and originality. That’s what I dug most about this Mental Dope Mixtape. He sounded like himself. He didn’t sound like a carbon copy of anybody else rhyming. He spit his truth not someone else’s and that’s the secret to being a great MC.

Also, my nigga RHYMES on this jaunt. He strings some shit together. He didn’t use any cliche or over used metaphors, he told stories, his hooks were dope. It was just an overall solid project.

Give it a listen, and see for yourself. No doubt in my mind that we’ll be hearing about this young man in the near future.

Tracks I fuck with:

I fuck with the majority of them, but these tracks stick out to me.

2. #Winning — Shit goes pretty fuggin hard.

3. Feeling Myself — This shit STAYS stuck in my head.

5. Freestyle Interlude — He rips that shit.

6. I’m Straight — Some cool shit to vibe to, kick back, blow one.

7. Oh Well — Fucks with this Hook tough.

8. Gone — Something for the Beatrices.

I’ma leave it at that before I fuck around and list the whole album.

Learn more about Taylor J at: http://www.taylorjtakeover.com/about/

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