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This is the first addition to our OPPORTUNITIES section which we’ll be using as a platform for artists, small business owners, and the like to get the word out about opportunities they may have for folks within or around the Twin Cities area. Whether you’re looking for a photographer, a model, a rapper, a singer, an actor/actress, a graphic designer — whatever, hit us up, and we’ll do out best to promote for you — for the free. We’re all about connecting minds and talent here at C.O.S..

That being said — CALLING ALL WRITERS — Mackenzie Owens, creator/ founder of the up and coming online publication, Mxdwell Magazine,  is looking for writers to be a part of, what sounds like, a pretty dope process. Cheg out the details below. If you’re interested, hit her up HERE, or his us up and we’ll connect you.

DETAILS ————————————————————————–

Hey hey, so this is just another ad soliciting your very impressive and FREE writing skills!

Except for there’s a bit of a twist that I like to think will make it worth your while…

There’s a local arts and culture online magazine here in the Twin Cities that is just getting started. We’re looking for a core team of writers to gain experience, add to their portfolio and get a real feel for what the process of operating an online publication is like. This publication is unlike any other in the fact that it celebrates the mixed (biracial) experience, and diversity of culture and the arts. 

I’m looking for a diverse team of writers from race to age. 

We will cover – 
ARTS: Visual, festivals, gallery/museum, street art, music, dance, theater, books 
STYLE: Fashion, beauty 
HEALTH: Food & drink (largely organic/vegan/natural/free-range/local), exercise, sex, green (sustainable living),