Jim Caldwell fired!?

Jim Caldwell fired!?

SMH yall,

Watching ESPN right now and I am in utter disbelief. Jim Caldwell has been fired by the Indianapolis Colts. He went 14-2 in his first season (2009) as the Indianapolis Colts head coach and lost in the Super Bowl to the New Orleans Saints. Hoorah Saints, nonetheless he took the Colts to the Super Bowl. The following season, (2010) he took the Colts to the playoffs with a 10-6 record, won the division title (AFC South) but lost to the Jets in the first round of the playoffs.

This past season the best and probably one of the best ever quarterbacks, Peyton Manning, went down with a neck injury and was sidelined for the entire season. Sad enough, Peyton Manning for those who aren’t as familiar is a game changer at QB. He is the offense! Now with Peyton being hurt during the entire 2011 season the Indianapolis Colts went 2-14. Yes, some of those losses can be attributed to coaching but 10 of those losses for sure are a result of not having Peyton Manning at QB. The Colts organization did not have a backup QB worth mentioning by name but the ones they did have were fruitless.

Now with all of that background information I will neglect a few facts. Jim Caldwell is less than 2 years removed from making it to the Super Bowl. THE SUPER BOWL… HE is one year away from playing in the playoffs. It is ridiculous to think that with one tumultuous season, juxtaposed to two quality seasons, they fired him solely off of his performance.

Now I sat watching the press conference as the Owner and GM of the Colts tried to rationalize the situation. Jim Ursay, Colts owner, said he evaluated the situation thoroughly since he was hired. GM admitted this change was a difficult decision. I agree it probably was difficult. However, how do you rationalize firing a man that just made it to the Super Bowl. They also noted they wanted to correct and move the Colts organization back to prosperity.

I am trying to not connect the fact that Jim Caldwell is black because Tony Dungy won a Super Bowl with the Colts and retired and he was black. However, with the changing of the guards in the Colts organization and the firing of long-time staffers that helped to construct the current roster Jim Caldwell was a sitting duck. 

The phrase CYA or cover you’re a$$ comes to mind when entire organizations are shifting and the system that employed you has shifted/changed your behind better be covered and flawless, especially if you are African-American in a predominantly white organization. If you are flawless and appear to have excelled at your job you still aren’t safe but the chances of being fired are slimmer. Jim Caldwell certainly did not have a flawless rap-sheet going in. They “questioned” his hirings and they also questioned his ‘clock-management’. 

That’s a bunch of b/s but it further illustrates the need for minorities to be exemplar in places of employment where you do not control or own the organization. 

The margin of error is extremely negligible when you are not in control of decision making positions. They had grounds, albeit they were shaky, to fire him because of tedious things but in a world where this is common place what can you expect. I’m not calling these moves racist or prejudice but they are questionable. This man was just in the super bowl just won a division title yet they didn’t like the way the organization was moving. In short CYA because any insignificant blemish can and will be used against you to support questionable decisions.


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