The Best Athlete Ever

The Best Athlete Ever

I was having a conversation with my older brother (which most would say we were arguing) about who was the best football player ever. This conversation got us started on a much bigger debate about who is the Best Athlete Ever. Now I know most of the readers are probably basketball fans (nothing is better than football) so most would probably think that Michael Jeffery Jordan was mentioned first….wrong.
For all of the great things that Jordan did on the basketball court he was a horrible baseball player. And reports are that he worked really hard and he could not even be decent. You have to admire that he did that for his dad but he was awful, let’s be honest with ourselves. 

The next name that probably comes to mind is Leborn James. He is a once in a lifetime physical specimen (6’9 & 260 pounds) but where in one sport where height is an asset it can be a deterrent in another. Lebron being that big of a wide receiver would be an issue for him to protect himself (Kevin Durants big ass as well and no picture needed for his ass).  

Dream On.
It is funny that one former Browns player did not make our argument but he was honorable mention. The great Jim Brown was an outstanding lacrosse player and a football great. Another guy that made honorable mention was Allen Iverson.I know a plethora of you are like stop it but you forget that he was a top recruit coming out of high school at football and basketball where many felt he was a better football player than basketball player but since he could not play ball his senior year because of the trial and being in jail he missed his senior season (a really great 30/30 by ESPN). He would have been Michael Vick before Vick was.  
Allen Iverson
Jim Brown


So our conversation came down to two people: Deion Sanders vs. Bo Jackson.  

Peep the curl, though.
Deion was an amazing athlete who was a standout at Florida State. Many do not know that he was an All-American football, baseball, and basketball player in high school. It is some reports that he ran a 40 yard dash in Timberland boots and clocked a sub 4.2. He was a two way player in the NFL playing both defense and offense. Many people say he could have been an All-Pro wide receiver if he focused on it. And let’s not forget his many “high stepping highlights” that you can still see players mimic to this day. At the NFL combine he ran a 4.27 which was the second fastest time in 1986. He was also a really good baseball player and played in an NFL football game and MLB baseball game on the same day. He played in a Super Bowl and World Series. 

I am Man.
Bo Jackson reportedly ran the fastest time ever at the NFL combine, which was a 4.12 40 yard dash. Although many know that Bo was a Heisman Trophy winner he was also a college baseball and track and field standout. He played professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals and was an all-pro running back for the Raiders. He had four 20 homerun seasons and made a comeback from a horrific hip injury in 1993. The one thing that may tip the balance in Dieon’s favor is the hip injury that Bo suffered. But Bo was a standout performer for long enough.
 I have given you both sides so who is The Best Athlete?
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