The Future is Here – Activeion – Ionator HOM: A Greener Way to Clean

Ionator HOM Portable Cleaning Device


What’s good? I stumbled across this little device while scouring the internet looking for random ish, as I often do.

Activeion Ionator HOM Portable Cleaner and Sanitizer

It’s a chemical free cleaning device developed by Activeion (a company based here in the Twin Cities) i.e. it will eliminate the need for the poisonous and often hazardous (Bleach, Pine-sol, etc.) cleaners we use currently; all you’ll need is the help of their device and good ol faucet water . . .

At least, that’s what they SAY.

Seems hard to believe, but most things that appear too good to be true usually are. Take a look for yourself:

Hot Science.
Learn more about Active Ion here:
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