Thinkin' Out Loud

Thinkin' Out Loud

 – The Avengers might really be the best super hero movie of all time.
 – Black markets, discounts and clearance racks are dope.
– I went to Chicago recently. It’s only been 2 weeks and I miss it already.


– Cougars might be the wave this summer.
– Had to make the move to Tweetcaster, Plume is for the birds (no pun intended).


– Almost sold out and tweeted using emoticons from my iPad like I have an iPhone but I’m too real for that

– I just started watching “Revenge” . It’s a cool show.

– After 24 years I finally ALMOST have a full beard. When it fills in I am declaring it #BeardSeason no matter what season it is.

– The little bit of the Meek Mill taped I’ve listened to bangs.

Join the Movement #SQUARES Unite