Black History Reading List

Bullwhip Days
Forbidden Fruit
Mis-Education of the Negro–Carter G. Woodson
Up from Slavery: Booker T. Washington
The Souls of Black Folks: W.E.B DuBois
Selected Writings & Speeches by Marcus Garvey
Common Leaders:
By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X
Why we can’t wait: MLK
Where do we go from Here: MLK
Born to Rebel: Benjamin E. Mays
Autobiography of Malcolm X
Social Commentary:
Notes of a Native Son–Nobody Knows My Name– The Fire Next Time– No Name in the Street–The Devil Finds Work: James Baldwin
Common Era:
The Isis Papers: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Wretched of the Earth: Frantz Fanon
Black Economics: Dr. Kunjufu
Rules for Radicals: Saul Alinsky
The Prince: Machiavelli
Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery : Dr. Naim Ak’bar
Cases for Reparations: Amiri Baraka
Native Son: Richard Wright