FIVE: Things I Love About Women


This goes without saying, but I’m a fan of all things woman. Like . . . I really love the shit out of y’all. Y’all’s my favorite thing in this world — next to Pizza and the Internet — and I mainly be on the internet looking at y’all. Since I love y’all so much, I decided to list the FIVE things I love most about you . . . well . . . the FIVE things I love about MOST of you, rather. You know who you are.

Five Things I love About Women

1. Their Body

I’m a man. Not saying this is number one on my list, but uh . . . it’s number one on my list. Mmm mm mm. Can’t get enough of it.

Now when I say “there body”, I don’t have a specific template in mind. I’m an equal opportunity lover. i.e. I love the female body in GENERAL: Big (with in reason), small (within reason), short, tall — elbow, thigh, knee, calve, shoulder . . . I love it all. But, naturally, I have favorites:

1. Butt — Yup, pretty sure this is every man’s favorite. I, personally, don’t need a big ridiculous ass bottom. Just something soft I can hold on to. You know? Rest my head on from time to time.

2. Thighs — I loves me some thick ass thighs. Some squeeze the life out of me thighs. Not so much a fan of the small jawns, i.e. You got the gap in the middle where they don’t touch. Just my preference.

3. Breasts — I don’t really need my breasts to be big . . . to be real . . . you just have to HAVE them lol. I’m more concerned about the nipple.

4. Feet — I loves me some pretty toes. I may, low key, have a fetish, but we’re not going to talk about it. Petpeeve? A woman with man feet. I don’t care if you hooped for twelve years, take care of them jawns or get out my bed. I could meet the best woman in the world, has every characteristic I imagine my wife having. If she has fucked up feet? I’m super straight.

2. Their Mind

Nothing turns me on more than a woman with a mind. “Whatchu mean a mind? We all got minds?” Yes. But do you all use them? No. I like a woman that’s going to challenge me, keep me on my toes. A woman that loves to learn, ask questions, make decisions — hit me with some perspective.

3. Their Style

4. Their Womanhood

5. Their Strength