Get YO Big: NBA Edition

Laker fans, if you don’t get Y’ALL big #LakerGangOrDontBang head asses out of here.

Every year you Laker fans never fail to be the first one making all sorts of hoopla about what your beloved Lakers are going to do during the upcoming season, regardless of what happened to your squad the season before. Like when Dallas swept them and blew them out by 40 in 2011, y’all were resilient and the first thing all of y’all had to say was “Wait until next year. Miami still ain’t winning it”. I commend y’all for your loyalty, and you’re right Miami didn’t win it, but y’all are still losers for 2 years running now so have a seat. Y’all were quick to crown yourselves this years champs the second the Dwight Howard trade went through, so believe ya boy will be the first one there to make you eat those words once LeBron is holding up that trophy again. 

Y’all can hate LeBron, and slander Chris Bosh for this suspect champagne shower all you want, but recognize them as champs for the next 7 months.

Security, escort these Laker fans out of here.

Thunder fans if y’all don’t get y’all big “KD for MVP” asses outta here.

I’m sad to see y’all boy James Harden go, but as a Heat fan I love that it makes the odds of us repeating that much better. The Bearded One was the best playmaker y’all had, now you gotta hope Russ is willing to pass the rock. Chances of that happening are slimmer than a crack fiend’s pockets. Y’all lost y’all 3rd best player, it’s a wrap for y’all. Simple as that.

Celtics fans get Y’all big “I’m happy KG won a ring, even if it wasn’t in Minnesota!” faces outta here.

Y’all swear y’all back in the hunt this season now that they made some moves this summer. And y’all swear that Ray Al…I mean “#20”, as Rondo now refers to him, is going to have a season filled with regret for leaving Boston and taking his talents to South Beach. But check it out, do y’all remember this face:

This face is going to haunt y’all tonight, and for the rest of the season. Enough said.

Don’t need security for this one, ima let Lebron escort y’all off the premises personally tonight during the season opener.

Chicago Bulls fans if y’all don’t get y’all BIG…nah I’ll let y’all chill. The Derrick Rose injury was insulting enough.

*shrugs* Better luck next year.

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