We Need Mending Part III: The Uncommonness of Common Sense and the Pandemic of Ignorance

We Need Mending Part III: The Uncommonness of Common Sense and the Pandemic of Ignorance

Wake Up


You may not know this about me, but I’m somewhat of a closet revolutionary. I always have been. My unwavering curiosity partnered with my inherent need to know and understand this world we live in has shaped my belief system more than any other aspect of my life.  And as I’ve gotten older, the more I learn, the more I need to know.
For the bulk of my adult life, I’ve been plagued by this one question, “what aren’t they telling us?”
I feel they – the powers that be – put forth a great deal of effort trying to shield the masses from the truth in an effort to keep us blissfully ignorant.
They do this through entertainment – sports, movies, music , etc.
They WANT us to escape. Because they know if we actually took a good long look at what’s going on around us, our very foundation would crumble — faster than it already is . . .
Now what lead me to this article?
Well . . . I, personally, don’t indulge in distractions. I’m perceptive.  i.e. I’ve noticed a lot of things happening in our world that are completely out of the ordinary, which lead me to Google, like most things do, and in turn lead me to this article. Many of the things I’ve noticed can be found on this list.

  1. Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Tsunami’s
  2.   The Silence of the Bees
  3.   Failure of Nuclear Science
  4.   The Vicious Pursuit of Wikileaks
  5.  The Rise of the Medical Police State
  6.  The Increasing Frequency of Food Shortages and Crop Failures
  7. The Runaway Destruction of the World by Energy Companies
  8. The Continued GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Contamination of our Planet
  9.   The Tyranny and Criminal Crackdowns Targeting Real Food
  10. The Escalation of Counterfeiting of the Money Supply
  11. The Plummeting Intelligence of the Masses
  12. The Complete and Utter Fabrication of the Mainstream News
  13.   The Ongoing Pharmaceutical Pollution of the World
  14.   The Radioactive Contamination of the Food Supply


Now, I agree with all 14 of these ideas, more or less. But the idea that stuck out to me most, and the idea I’m going to address for the remainder of this article, is number 11: the plummeting intelligence of the masses. Out of the 14, this may in fact be the most important because combatting it, alone, would give our world the best chance for survival.
Sounds extreme, I’m sure. But keep reading and I’ll explain.
I’m sure many of you may be thinking — plummeting intelligence? What do you mean? We have more people earning college degrees than ever before. Our world’s literacy rate is at an all-time high.  We’re only getting smarter.
Well. Yes and no.
Sure, the amount of people attending college is at an all-time high across the board, which is paramount if our society plans on advancing, BUT, unfortunately, a college degree isn’t what it used to be.
I, personally, know a lot of idiots with college degrees. It’s not like it’s particularly hard to get accepted or even to graduate. Especially with so many alternatives – online colleges, community colleges – Phoenix, Devry, National American Univesity – and once you take into account how many institutions are letting people in that don’t DESERVE to be in college simply to meet their quota i.e. students who had a cumulative g.p.a. of 2.3 or lower in high school . . . it’s laughable.
Nonetheless, I don’t think the author of this article was referring to “intelligence” per se, but rather the ever growing population of ignorant.  Being intelligent and being informed are two entirely different things and though we live in a time when information is more easily accessed than any other time in our world’s history, I’d argue that the overall disinterest among the masses in becoming aware and being active participants in our world is lower than we could EVER imagine. Especially considering it’s 2012.
But why?
Think about it.

Having access to information is a double edged sword, so to speak,  because not only do we have instant access to information that matters, but we have even more access, seemingly, to information that doesn’t – you can know everything there is to know about the Kardashian’s and not know a THING about what’s happening in your own city. Our society is absolutely obsessed with popular culture.

And who’s affected by this most? Our younger generations who grow up following their idols and “what’s cool” like blind sheep.  It’s unfortunate.

Our society suffers from two extremes: vast skepticism and blind acceptance.

We’re skeptical about everything – for instance, the illuminati. Some believe the illuminati exists with every ounce of their being because they;re skeptical about our system, how it was formed, and how it’s run, while others disbelieve in the illuminati with every ounce of their being because the idea sounds far-fetched;  the latter leads to blind acceptance – some people just aren’t motivated to do their homework.
To switch gears for a moment, I’d argue that our society isn’t advancing as quickly as our technology – our systems are ancient, as simple as that.
This idea speaks to the title of this post — the outright uncommonness of common sense.
There’re certain liberties that we should have as a society that we just DON’T . . . because common sense isn’t common.
Maybe we should have Universal Health Care — Maybe I shouldn’t have to pay 300 dollars just do get looked at.

Blue Countries Have Some Form Of Universal Health Care
Maybe 1% shouldn’t have 99% of the world’s wealth. Maybe that’s a bad idea.


Maybe we shouldn’t spend the bulk of our nation’s money on war. Maybe that should go towards feeding our nation’s youth and giving them a proper education.                                 

Perhaps we shouldn’t kill each other. I don’t know. Maybe that’s a bad idea.
Maybe we should treat people like human beings.  Maybe skin color is just that, a color, and there are no other differences between one another outside of our respective cultures.
You know? Maybe it shouldn’t cost upwards of 50’000 dollars to get a college education considering we have so many people going to college these days. What exactly are we paying for? Maybe that should be subsidized by the government — perhaps with all that money they’re using on war.
Maybe our nation’s leaders should put the best interest of the majority at the forefront.
Maybe parents should actually teach their kids something as opposed to solely relying on what they learn in school.
Perhaps people shouldn’t have kids if they can barely afford to feed themselves . . .
I’ll stop there because I could literally go on for days.  Consider all of this and think about how quickly science and technology is truly moving.
We’re at the point where within the next 10-15 years we’ll be able to move around the world faster than we ever thought possible. Faster than we can even fathom, currently (if you’re confused, refer to our column “The Future is Now: Evacuated Tube Transport”); our society if undoubtedly losing that race.
Our system is broken. And for that very reason, I agree with the author of, “14 Signs that the Collapse of our Modern World has Already Begun.”
We’re nearing a collapse — and for the sake of being a conspiracy theorist/ pessimist, when our society is in turmoil (faltering global economy, war, 1% have 99% of the world’s wealth, racism/hate, war), our earth’s in turmoil (rising sea levels/warming, animals dying off/acting out of character,  drought), and mother nature’s losing it (increased tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, 80 degree weather in march/ no snow in MN this winter, record breaking temperatures) you start to wonder what’s really going on.
If we bond together and make a collective effort to FIX our world — maybe we’ll stand a chance. As of right now . . . I’m not so optimistic. We need change.
Wake up.
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