Thrifted Gems – DIY Painting by Faith

Thrifted Gems – DIY Painting by Faith

Hey Squares!

Fashion has always been one of the many ways in which I express myself. It’s a medium that allows me to flex my individuality and creativity in an entirely different way than my other artistic pursuits because I become the canvas. A walking, talking, piece of art. And that’s an idea I feel everyone should adopt.

For many, style and swagadocious tendencies appear to be just out of reach. Primarily because people are under the impression that being fashionable requires breaking the bank. This is simply not true.  I love, love, love to go thrifting because I’m always able to find dope, one-of-kind pieces for ridiculously low prices, and since I’m on an artist’s budget (pockets on life support), it’s super necessary for me to shop smart.

What I like most about thrifting is it allows me to alter my clothing uninhibited. When you buy something that costs a considerable amount of money, it’s like buying a new car; it takes maintenance. You don’t want to tear it. You don’t want to get anything on it. You have to wash it a certain way. Fuck all that. Thrifting allows me to go Edward Scissorhands on jeans and jackets, speckle paint, go sharpie crazy–whatever I want. Doesn’t matter. These 501 jeans only costs 6 dollars. That’s another thing, you don’t have to skimp on brand names because you’re thrifting. I found a fresh pair of red vans for FIVE bucks. FIVE. That’s cheaper than a Big Mac, guys!

Ah! I love it.


The video below is an example of everything I just said — all but one piece (my top) I found in a thrift store. No matter your “artistic level”, you can make something original and dope on your own. Embrace your canvas!

I’d love feedback guys! Also, if you’re not much of a thrifter or artist, but still want to be swaggie, don’t fret! You can commission me to shop and bring something to life for you; I’m always in search of thrifted gems. If you’d like to explore that option, shoot me an email @! I’ll also be selling original artwork and altered clothing on my website,

Until next time, guyssss,