HOT or NOT: Karmin “Acapella”

HOT or NOT: Karmin “Acapella”

Squares. What tis good?

If you’ve never heard of Karmin  you’re kind of missing out as hell. This video may jog your memory — it viral a couple years ago:

After I watched this jawn, I was a fan instantly. I allowed myself to get lost on their YouTUBE channel for an hour or so and was absolutely blown away. They demolished  every song they covered and wow’d me with their songwriting ability, instrumentation, and just overall musicality on their original tracks; I knew they were destined for greatness. Their new song, “Acapella” definitely didn’t disappoint — young alliteration — it’s quirky, produced phenomenally, well written — KARMIN! Check em out.

This shit HOT to me.

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