Hot or Not: "Ball & Chain" by Abela Kibira

Hot or Not: "Ball & Chain" by Abela Kibira


Whudup doe? So this week for Hot or Not, we got ya girl, Abela Kibira’s latest video, “Ball & Chain”.

I’ve been a fan of homegirl for quite sometime now. There’s something about the smokiness of her voice that I just uber fuck with. Doesn’t hurt that she’s half past bad, but that’s neither here nor there.

This is the first “original” track Kibira’s released and I was more than a little bit impressed for two reasons:

1. Her lyricism — not only was the hook and what not catchy, but the lyrics in general were solid throughout the songs entirety. She really took the time to paint a picture for us, which I can’t help but appreciate as a writer myself.

 2. The video itself was solid — the cinematography was on point i.e. they really did a good job of creating a mood/tone — dig it? And the acting wasn’t bad either — which, alone, can really make or break a video.

My only gripe is I wish she gave us some shots of her singing and what not — you know? Like really going in, so we could FEEL the lyrics, dig? Outside of that, I think this was a great first showing, and look forward to seeing and hearing more from Abela Kibira in the future. Be on the look out.

Needless to say, this song and video is HOT to me. What y’all think?

For more on Abela Kibira, check out her Youtube Channel: AbelaMusic
And follow her on Twitter; @abelavsak

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