MN Nice: “Peer Pressure” Taylor J Interview

MN Nice: “Peer Pressure” Taylor J Interview


What’s GOOD?

If you don’t know who my man, Taylor J is by now, you’re slipping. Not only has he been repping Minnesota and St. Paul in a major way for a couple of years now, but ja boy also has legitimate talent. He’s equipped with all the tools to become a force to be reckoned with: more bars than a braces convention, stage/ camera presence, versatility — and a body of work that speaks for itself.

He most recently dropped “Peer Pressure” an 8 track Mixtape that bangs from beginning to end. My favorite’s being Everything Ain’t For Everybody, I Tried and Satisfied. Be sure the download that jawn.

I had a chance to touch base with, my man, and pick his brain for a moment.




Who is Taylor J? And why should we care?

Taylor J is a young boss makin’ music gettin’ rich wit the people I love . You don’t gotta care but you gon’ feel it.

Lol I digs that. I’ve seen a lot of growth over the years, and in my opinion, you’re one of the nicest new jacks out here doing, and I’m not just saying that ’cause you’re repping MN. You’re NICE, breh. Flat out. How do you approach your craft? Take us through your process a bit.

I see everything before I create it. That makes it easier for me to paint clear pictures for my audience. Plan and execute. Shits easy.

Plan and Execute. I like it. Who inspires you?

Everybody, especially the greats like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Tupac . . . just people who’s great at whatever they do.

Word, word, word. You’ve been all over the US over the course of the last year, and I KNOW you’ve gotten to fuck with some serious bud.  Which city has the best bud? And what’s the best strand you’ve smoked?

Most of these cities gettin’ they tree from the west coast so shoutout to the west, they got that shit. OG and Sour Diesel tie for my favorite. I enjoy tryin’ all different strands tho. Different highs. I don’t have a favorite besides them two. Be on the lookout for that #TJT strand.

 My naga, said he’s bodda have his own strand though, lol. I fux with it. Let ME know. I’m tryna see what that be like. Blunt, joint, bong, or bowl? What’s your preference and why?

When I’m dolo I like bongs and joints. Clean, straight to the point high. When it’s a buncha niggas around who I smoke wit, I prefer blunts they last longer wit a buncha long winded muhfuckas. I’m not one of them anti blunt niggas tho fuck all dat.

Lol I can dig it. I’ve been in MN sense been. And I’ve been wanting to ride out sense been. Don’t get me wrong, I fuck with MN, it has it’s upsides, but let’s be honest here, it has a helluva  lot of downsides. What’s one thing you fuck with about MN? And what’s one thing you don’t fuck with.

I love it simply because it’s home. I hate how cold it gets and how much snow we get, but honestly ain’t a place I been better then St. Paul you kno that lol

I’m gonna to act like I believe you lol. What are some lessons you’ve learned while on you’re journey?

Everything happens for a reason . Depend on nobody or nothin besides yourself.

What’s been your most memorable moment?

Being on tour last year and building a solid relationship with Shaheem Reid. Not anybody that’s up and coming in the game can just pick up the phone and call him and get advice or direction with the music.

That’s real. Nice lil’ connect to have. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Don’t give up, stay down, and preparation for the situation.  Show up to blow up.

List five artists you’d like to collaborate with if you had the chance to, in order of importance.

I don’t have an order just different purpose on different types of records: Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan.

What keeps you going? What’s your motivation?

Everyday is my motivation. Everyday keeps me goin’. My surroundings, my family, the things I love.

When you’re grinding, having a team of support around you is paramount. How has your team helped you get to where you are today?

My team plays a part in every single thing that happens with my career.

I feel that. It’s necessary, man. Doing shit solo is half ass impossible. Gotta have mufuckers around you that believe in you. In most cases, more than you believe in yourself. If you had to pick one or two songs that best encompassed who you are as an artist, which ones would you pick and why?

Notebook and Darwin’s Theory. Them records allowed me to tell my exact story.

Darwin’s Theory is my shit. Video made me fuck with it even more. New joint’s called “Peer Pressure” — what inspired the name?

Feeling like the only choice I have left is to go hard and kill niggas wit success. Peer pressure.

What can we expect from Taylor J on this next jawn? And what can we expect from you in 2014, in general. It’s your Jordan year, correct? Hence, your first single, 23. Big shit. Tell us ’bout it.

 In 2014, I’m blowin’ the fuck up and my whole family gettin’ filthy rich. Doin what we want this year. Period. Nah, this ain’t my MJ year. I been havin MJ years. This is simply another Taylor J year. Wit different accomplishments. Way before I ever seen two three I was MJ. The song says it all.  Download the tape from and get yours answers ’bout that. And I’m launching the biggest company people ever seen this year “Scenious Society”.

 If you had to drop a nugget of advice on a young homie trying to make it in this business, what advice would you give them?

Go as hard as you can as long as you can and you will make it. Gotta see yourself successful before you’re successful and you’ll be successful.

Wise words. Take note, folks. Well, that’s it, black brotha. I’m putting a show together. It’s going to be something like Big Tigga in the Basement. I’d love to have you stop by that jawn at some point.

 Already, my nigga, I wanna be the first guest.

 That’d be love. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for lending me some of your time, my man. I’m a fan. Keep grinding. 



Tried to embed the music player, but I’m having technical difficulties as hell. Download the Mixtape HERE 

Stay Woke.