Three Amazing Videos

Three Amazing Videos

Squares. What’s upper?

Last night I hung out with a good friend of mine and she put me onto some ridiculously dope music video’s. Though each of them brought something different to the table, stylistically, they were similar in their uniqueness.  By far some of the most creative vids I’ve seen probably ever. Mucho respect to the artists.


Flying Lotus – “Until the Quite Comes”

Like I’m not a bitch or anything. But this video literally brings tears to my eyes. Me and dance have a very special relationship. It’s probably my first love. The story they tell through dance in this video is just . . . “beautiful” doesn’t quite do it justice. I love it.


Bonobo – Cirrus

If you’re team 420, you may want to spark up right about now. It’ll make this video THAT much more amazing. This song/ artist has kind of a radiohead feel to me? Maybe I’m off base, but that’s just the vibe I get. This video, in my opinion, speaks to the mechanization of human capital. After World War II America became obsessed with the idea of asserting itself as the biggest super power in the world. We were riding high off the productivity of the war machine, our future looked bright, yadayadyada which eventually drove us to the kind of country we are today: one that overvalues things/ assets/ greed/ success/ power/ money and undervalues the overall cultivation of human beings and our planet. At least that’s what I gathered. What do you think?

Meek Demeo – Sweet Connie

This video’s cinematography was just — on point, to say the VERY least. The story was beyond popping — how it was cut — it’s pacing — everything. I was thoroughly impressed. On top of that, ya boy Meek Demeo is a homegrown talent and the video was shot here in MN by Myke Chevy. So, I’m even MORE impressed. Too much talent here in the Twin Cities. Too much. And what are we doing with it?

If you fucked with these videos. Spread the word. These joints deserve views.


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