Unlearn Mixtape – MycDazzle

Unlearn Mixtape – MycDazzle

What’s GOOD?

In case you didn’t know, jerboy makes musica. My latest project, Unlearn, dropped last night and I’m pretty excited about it for two reasons: 1. I feel like this project shows tremendous growth compared to my first joint, “Just Cause“. And 2. because this bitch is finally OUT. I’ve been sitting on it for a whole ass year now because I wanted to record it right. But I soon realized waiting for that day could take a life time and my material was getting older by the day. I’m in a new city. Feeling new energy. And I’m ready to write some new shit. My next project will be just as much of a revolution as this one. If you pay attention, you’ll see my style is slowly morphing the deeper you get into the project. I’m really beginning to find my voice – both rapping and singing – and that’s excited.

Anywho — I’ve placed a couple song from the project below. If you fux with it, you can download it from datpiff  and bandcamp, so chegggg eeet out! And I’d love feedback.

Videos as low budget as the recordings coming soon!