Video Love

Hello fellow Squares!!

I don’t really need to tell you that it’s Feb. 14th or why that matters, because you’ve had to sit through the same Kay Jewelers commercials and walk through the same store isles bursting with pink and red anything, just like I have. If you’re anything like me, you’re conflicted about this “holiday”. I love candy and people caring for their loved ones but I hate the expectations of doing the same corny, uninspired things the rest of the world is doing because we’ve been told to. The best thing to do is remember what kind of love you have. It may be a significant other, it may be family (my mom has given ┬áValentines to me, my sisters and dad for YEARS- she’s my Valentine) it could be a bestie, a pet, whatever! But make sure it’s someone you care about genuinely. And to toast to that, I’m giving you my favorite videos about love. Lets go!!

Now, this one is because I’m an asshole, frankly. We’ve ALL been one or the other and it sucks all around, but it’s the part of love no one ever wants to think about, ESPECIALLY today. but it’s real. And when you feel that pain, it’s like you know what you’ll need and want next time. It’s growth. And it’s beautiful.


I’ve never seen a video like this and I’m not even sure if it isn’t exploitive at times. I could take or leave the song itself, but the video is beautiful. If it were a movie I’d be in line for it. It’s definetly a layered story that could be explored and I’m sure at the time, it got emo suburban kids seeing a love story that aestheticly looked nothing like The Notebook.


I’m a 90s kid. And this is the pinnacle of 90s for me. I remember being 9 or 10 at my cousin’s wedding and watching her dance with her new husband to this. I was mesmerized by their beauty. I could feel their love for each other and that was so moving to me- as a kid! It was like the Cosbys come to life; a beautiful fairy tale I wanted for myself when the time came.


And that time has come. And at our best moments, this encapsulates everything we love about us. All we want to do is yell out lyrics and dance, right at this moment and I hope it always feels that way.

This is my love in video form- what’s yours??? Share the love!!!!!

~ Vanessa M

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