Get Out and Vote TODAY!

What’s cracking SQUARES! 
I’m not one for discussing politics but I felt the need to say something regarding the election today. Before this post, Q Guru and I were literally was going to create a post title “Things I Might Do Short of Killing Myself if Mitt Romney Wins” in which we list several outlandish things we might do if Romney wins. To be honest, I had a really hard time of thinking of things beyond just wanting to leave the damn country LOL! Some folks may look at my black ass and think “Man she just voting for Obama cause he black.” Well, you can go ahead and think that if you like, but RNS…I’m voting for Obama because I honestly believe he understands where a woman like me, a first generation educated black woman trying to live the American dream, is coming from. Romney on the other hand (in my humble opinion) could really care less if I lived or died considering I’m not in his tax bracket ya dig!
But either way, I’m not hating on anyone who is voting for Romney. Seriously. But I am hating on folks who AREN’T VOTING AT ALL!  I just really want folks to get out and vote today. ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE! We need to have our black asses out there today for simple fact that our ancestors DIED so we could! So to simply sit at the crib on your ass today when it really doesn’t even take that much effort, (excluding those states who are trying to make it complicated with the damn voter ID laws) is a huge slap in the face to those who were hosed down and beat back in the day trying to check a box. 

Long story short…lets get out and vote regardless of who you are voting for. I definitely feel that every presidential election is an important one because who we elect as our president has an effect on the entire world.  And if we simply leave it to the people in love with the status quo to choose who runs our country EVERY TIME, it will not be a good look ya heard!
Until next time SQUARES….
P.S. We still might do a post about outlandish ass shit we may do if Mitt Romney wins though….just for S&Gs! LOL!

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