If You Want to Be Happy…Start Not Giving a F$%&!

Food for Not Too Much Thought 

I’m bout to Honey Badger these hoes!

Hey Squares! As you all know, lately I’ve been thinking about my life and where it’s going. Career, love life, social life, education, financial woes…the list goes on. I’m constantly asking myself “what would make me happy?” and hadn’t found an answer to this question until today. I thought to myself “Self… I know exactly what would make me happy…let me start not giving too much of fucks about all this external bullshit that I THINK would make me happy and just live.” Simple concept, but you would have thought I just discovered the cure for aids or something. Seriously though, how many of us have thought about all the things we don’t have and let that ruin our day, week, year, or being for that matter? You can literally drive yourself crazy thinking about all the shit that’s just NOT right. It’s fucking stressful! The concept of not giving a crap is a pretty old one. We’ve heard it a million times hidden in a beautiful cliche. “Grass ain’t always greener on the other side.” “Bird in the hand worth two in the bush.” “Don’t try to keep up with the Jones.” “Be thankful for what you have.” Simply put in RNS terms, these cliches (and many others) are simply saying “you’re giving way too many fucks about shit that doesn’t matter right now.”

Going back to the concept of “just living.” What do I mean by that exactly? Well to start, I need to enjoy what my current life has to offer. This past weekend me and my two Rhode Island besties just chilled at my house and talked. Let me tell you how awesome that was just laughing and hanging with the girls. Didn’t cost me a dime to enjoy the company of the people that make Rhode Island bearable. Secondly, I have to distract myself with things that I like to do. Writing is definitely one of them; so why not do more of that rather than spending hours hating on folks Facebook pages? Lastly, I need to stop complaining in general. Unfortunately, it’s kind of apart of my nature to look at others peoples grasses being greener but I got to work on it. I’ve definitely learned (mostly from my friends and family pointing it out) that I can be draining. I go on and on about the shit that’s not popping in my life to the point where my friends wanna scream “dude shut the fuck up….it’s not that bad!”  I HAVE TO remember that. IT’S NOT THAT BAD!

Lie to me and say this picture doesn’t make you happy! 

So in conclusion, the key to my happiness is not letting the external bullshit get me down. I have to have faith that my time will come when I receive all the things I want. Or I have to accept the fact that maybe whatever I’m hoping for isn’t apart of God’s plan for me, whatever that is. Either way I have to come to terms with the fact that shit don’t always go the way I want it and I have to live in the here and now and not the should and could be.  From now on I’m going to work on giving less of fucks and focusing on enjoying MY life doing the things (and people…wow chicka wow wow) that I love! I won’t say YOLO cause hey….I kinda believe in past and futures lives. So I’ll say YOLOIYDBR (You Only Live Once If You Don’t Believe in Reincarnation).


P.S. I guess this means I have to spend LESS time on Facebook then. Damn! Oh well.



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