It’s 2013

Happy New Year, Squares!
*shoots off fireworks* 

It’s 2013. 

Swear I blinked and 2012 was over. I, personally, am not ok with how fast time moves once you get grown; the shit FLIES. If anything, 2012 helped me realize how easily you can let life pass you by if you’re not paying attention.

So, pay attention.

As with every new year, I noticed a lot of new years resolution slander everywhere — in the news, on Twitter, on Facebook, in conversation — what’s wrong with making a new years resolution? And why do YOU have a problem with me making one? Pretty sure it has nothing to do with you. Pretty sure NOTHING I do has anything to do with you.

New wave for 2013 — stay out of other mufucker’s business and focus on you. And I’m not talking about business as far as gossip, I mean don’t worry about what nobody else got going on. Why do you care? Like it’s legit hard for me to be on Twitter/Facebook these days because somebody’s always commenting on some shit that somebody else has going on. Why do you care? Especially when it comes to celebrities. Why. In the cowboy FUCK. Do. You. CARE? Them mufucker’s making your life better? They feeding you? Do they even know your ass exists? No. Not at all.

New wave: DO fuckin YOU.

Now back to new years resolutions: I’m definitely a proponent of making one, or two, or twelve if that’s what you choose, even if you don’t accomplish ANY of them. Why? Because it means you actually sat down and thought about some shit you needed to change to improve your life, which is never not a good idea. Yup. Never not. It’s a time of reflection. People’s main argument is usually, “if you want to change something, why don’t you change it right now? Why wait until the new year? blah blah blah.” Sure, that’s a good idea. You should be thinking of ways to improve yourself on a daily basis. BUT, to me, the new year is the perfect time to sit down, literally sit down with a pen and some paper, and REFLECT on the past year:

What could I have done better?
What didn’t I do, that I should’ve done?
What do I have to do to ensure that I have a successful, productive year?
What do I need to CHANGE to ensure that I have a successful, productive year?

Reflection is NEVER NOT a good thing. And you should never condemn someone for doing so.

I hope all my fellow, Squares, have a successful year, and that 2013 shit’s on 2012 — though — we should probably brace ourselves for some pretty wild weather and world events: unprecedented even.


Just cause — here are my new years resolutions:

1. Practice patience.
2. Finish what I start.
3. Don’t let “life” ruin my life.
4. Read more.
5. Draw everyday.
6. Stay true to who I am at all times no matter what.

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