Social Networks — We Need to Chill (Graphic Images. Proceed with Caution)

**Disclaimer: Post contains graphic images. Proceed with caution.


You know . . . I don’t know if I particularly fuck with Social Networks anymore.  Well. I have no problem with the platforms, per se. They’re useful. You can link up with old connections, make some new ones, all without having to get out of your bed. It’s one of top five best things ever invented if utilized correctly;  I have no problem with the platforms. I have a problem with what people DO on these platforms. To be real, what people do and say on these jaunts damn near makes me not fuck with PEOPLE in general. I used to love people — was a humanist to the core. As of late, not so much. 

Mufuckers be whilin – OUT on social networks. Like, ya boy is really starting to feel old, cause * old man voice * back in my day . . . none of the shit folks call themselves doing on social networks would’ve been okay. I seen someone twitpic their STD results. Seriously? Why? WHY?? I don’t understand. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m the most liberal person tying his shoes, but I have to draw the line somewhere, shit, WE have to draw the line somewhere. For instance:
Why is this okay?

Or this?

Why is ANY of this OKAY!!!?????

What’s going on heaaaaaa!!!???

And this isn’t even close to the worst I’ve seen pop up on my FB or Twitter timeline. 
What the fuck do people be ON? Honestly? What in the cowboy FUCK do people be on? I need answers. For some reason, intimate moments just aren’t intimate anymore. Everything needs to be SHARED. If this is what we’re on now, what will we be on in five years? Ten? I’m legit terrified of what’s going to become of our younger generation. They’re sponges. They soak in everything they see. I’ve worked with youth 12 to 18 – and, quite frankly – I’m the furthest from optimistic. Granted, we were on trash during that age bracket, but it was a different, more innocent, kind of trash.  These kids are just . . . too much. Who’s to blame?

Everybody. The shit we say. How we talk to each other.  What we value . . . now I’m preaching. Look, I love drugs, sex, money, violence, sex, and sex just as much as the next guy. But 1. Does everyone need to know this? And 2. What kind of example are we setting for the youngins?

I think that’s what triggered my change – realizing, whether we like it or not, we’re all role models for somebody: our kids, our friends’ kids, the little dude sitting next to you on the bus, the lil fifteen year old you didn’t realize was following you on Twitter. We’re role models. All of us. And we need to conduct ourselves as such while in public/ on public forums. But I suppose it’s too much to ask for an ignorant mufucker to have class. That’s like asking a penguin to fly. It’s tight. 


Just had some shit I wanted to get off my chest. Long story short? We need to chill.

Until next time,


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