Young Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Young Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What’s the good word, Squares?

I was out to eat with two female friends of mine one evening and the topic of dating got brought up. Shortly after the conversation began it progressed to the question of why it seems like a number of men tend to get involved with younger women.

Personally, I prefer to talk to women my age or older, so this question was amusing to me. Initially I assumed it was merely a physical thing — the typical shallow response. Women have accused men of being shallow for decades now, and some of us are, so this shouldn’t really surprise any of you. I’m not saying that I condone this, just stating the black and white facts.

When I really sat and thought about it, though, I realized that it’s less about the physical and a lot more mental. The conclusion I came to: a number of men at this age aren’t prepared to settle down. Period. That’s the long and short story.

They say women mature faster than men, so mentally and emotionally many of you are on a different page than your peers. Many women at this age are looking for that man they can settle down with — that  longterm relationship, preferably leading to engagement and marriage. Which is understandable, especially at 25+. Around our age, you definitely shouldn’t be getting into relationships with people  you can’t envision being with longterm, if that’s the case you’re just wasting your time. But unfortunately many men still aren’t looking for that longterm relationship yet, so it essentially takes away the option of being involved with women their age. So they turn to the alternative, younger women.

*Cues Cyndi Lauper* “Ohhhhhh girlssss just wanna have Fu-unnnnn”

This is what it all boils down to, folks: young girls just want to have FUN.

Young women give fellas the opportunity to kick it, party, laugh, have crazy monkey sex, ALLLLLL of that, without being forced to deal with the attachment that comes along with it. Because generally they aren’t looking for anything as serious as most “older” women, and they usually have a plethora of “potential” males their own age tugging at their coattails trying to be the next in line for her attention. So then if things start falling apart it’s generally not a big deal because they have plenty on the back-burner, aka “more fish in the sea”, so both parties willingly go their separate ways.

For you ladies that fall into this “older” category, I’m not saying that y’all don’t have just as many options, if not more, than these young ladies. What I’m saying is that women generally tend to raise their standards over time (at least I’d hope), so the number of “potential” candidates may decrease as you start to realize how many of them aren’t up to standard, thus taking away some of your options. Now on the other hand, some of you may see your pool of candidates increase as you get older BECAUSE you raise your standards, so you avoid low-down-good-for-nothing negroes anyway, and I applaud those of you who have experienced that.

The unfortunate reality though, ladies, is that a lot men in their mid-to-late twenties are still out here on trash. Like ya boy Drake said, “This is the generation of not being in love, and not being together”. Sad but true. Because for most fellas it’s all fun and games. And that’s just how these young girls like it.

Shoutout to Cyndi Lauper.

Hallelujah, Holla Back,

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