Blog Table: I’m thankful for . . .

Blog Table: I’m thankful for . . .


America’s favorite holiday is tomorrow. A number of our houses are probably already smelling like all types of Collard Greens,  Mash Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, Dressing/ Stuffing, Ham, Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Corn Bread, Cranberries, Peach Cobbler, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, and for a few unfortunate folks like myself, Chit’lins — which I decided to give up this year because ya boy has no business eating slave food in 2012. Yeah, I said it. SLAVE food.

Anywho. As we all know, but sometimes forget, this Holiday ain’t just about food. It’s about being THANKFUL.

That being said, we here at CoS decided to let you guys know what WE’RE thankful for.




In order to shy away from being too cliche and having an ultimate ass list, where I will definitely forget something…I will simply say this: I’m thankful to have many things to be thankful for. Sounds redundant right? Well, I’d rather just keep it simple. I’m thankful to be thankful. I had a great mother who inspired me a great deal and made who I am today. I’ve experienced many awesome things that I couldn’t even imagine I would have growing up. Met and established relationships with awesome people who have changed my life tremendously. And have been given great opportunities to move forward and be the best that I can. What more could I ask for? Well I could ask for more…but this is about being thankful for the here and now right?…so BOOM! Done LOL

Q Guru

I’m not going to be generic and say that I’m thankful for being alive or that I’m thankful for my loved ones because I feel like that goes without saying. So I’m going to just name the first 3 things that come to mind:

Obama being re-elected, Romney being escorted out

I feel confident in saying that all of us here at Cos let out one huge sigh of relief after Obama’s re-election became official. Those of you that read some of our pre-election posts know that we dreaded the idea of Romney taking over the White House, but I don’t know if y’all know just how terrified some of us were. TERRIFIED. But I’m thankful that our fears never came to fruition and Mitt Romney has been officially escorted off the premises and out of the public eye. I just hope that Obama and the Congress can come to terms over the next 4 years, and will allow our country to progress.
My degree/job
I know how hard it can be to find a good job these days — whether you have a degree or not — so I’m thankful for the fact that I was fortunate enough to find a job within my field shortly after graduating. Although I don’t love my job, I’m thankful for the experience that I’ve gained and from the perspective that it has given me going forward. I’ve learned a lot about how Corporate America works and how to maneuver within it over the past year and a half, and this knowledge is invaluable. But more importantly, this job has shown me just how much I despise complacent individuals and refuse to be a corporate puppet for the rest of my life. Salaried or not, they couldn’t pay me enough.
My ambition
More than anything I’m thankful for the ambition that I possess. As I’ve said, my perspective has changed a lot over the past year and a half, and it’s caused me to be even more ambitious than I already was. I know a number of complacent individuals who just take what’s laid out in front of them and don’t take charge of their own destiny. Life is about finding your passion and doing something you love, and although most of us claim to know this, I don’t think many of us truly know what this means. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past year, and it’s a life that I hope to live in the near future. I don’t feel as though I’m destined to be just another man with a good job, getting a decent salary, yet STILL being lower class. I find this to be unacceptable, and don’t see why I should be content getting a small salary, while someone else at the top of the company gets to make the type of money that I want to make for myself — and for my family. I’m too intelligent, too talented, and too self-motivated to accept anything less. I’m not having it. I’m apart of a generation that holds the power to change the world, and that’s a challenge that I accept with open arms. So when it’s all said and done I plan to be self-employed. And plan on getting a nice fat check in the process.


You know . . . as much as I bitch and moan on a regular basis about EVERYTHING, seemingly, I do have an awful lot to be thankful for.

My Mind

I couldn’t imagine being an idiot. It’s a life I’d genuinely never want to live. School was relatively easy for me at every level of my education because I’m able catch onto things – patterns, ideas, etc — at the drop of a hat: which directly effects the next thing I’m thankful for . . .

My Creativity 

I don’t think I could function if I wasn’t able to create: to write stories, to draw pictures, to dance, to rhyme, to design, to act — shit to play basketball — to bring something into existence that didn’t exist previously. All of these things allow me to express myself in a different way — to learn myself, which I think is pretty dope.

My Mom

Perhaps this is a given, but I can’t thank my mom enough for making the sacrifices she’s had to make throughout my life. On a daily basis, she does the best thing a parent can do for their child — believe in them.

What I’ve Accomplished

Though I complain often — because I’m not where I feel I’m supposed to be in life at 25 — I’m still thankful for what I’ve accomplished. I won’t get into any details, but I have my fair share of accolades. I work hard — could work harder, yes — but I work hard. And I know what I’m capable of. I know I’ll accomplish great things in due time. I believe this with every ounce of my being.


We hope you guys take sometime to really sit down and acknowledge what you’re thankful for. Not just tomorrow, but on a regular basis. It helps put things in perspective.

Happy Holidays.


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