Didn’t You Go To College?

Squares. Have you ever felt like the world (specifically people who didn’t go to college) expects you to know EVERYTHING just cause you have a degree? (Waits for 5 seconds….crickets crickets…) Well forget ya’ll then cause I do and it annoys the CRAP out of me! I’m going to provide 3 examples below that highlight this annoyance…

Scenario One: 
Girl: “Man how do you spell (insert complicated word here)? 
Degree Holder: “Oh shit…let me think…(begins spelling). Damn let me look it up.”
Girl: “Look it up? Didn’t you go to college?” 
Scenario Two: 
Degree Holder: “And I was like yo…dis dude was really wildin’ out ya dig?”
Person 2: “Why are you talking so ghetto? Don’t you have a degree?”

Exaggerated Scenario Three: 
Person One: “OMG! The plane is malfunctioning and is going to crash!” 
Degree Holder: “OMG what do we do?” 
Person One: “Man you should know! Didn’t you go to college?”
(Insert record scratch and freeze frame plan crash with said degree holder giving none degree holder extreme side eye) 
ALRIGHT! That’s enough! LOL Why am I expected to know every damn thing just because I have a degree? I find that folks who don’t have degrees will constantly throw jabs at you for having a degree and not knowing something that (in most cases) is completely irrelevant to what the hell you went to school for any damn way. “Yea I was wondering if you could help my daughter with her nuclear physics homework.” And when you say no you can’t cause you took one physics class and don’t remember shit from it and just simply…don’t know physics…folks wanna act surprised like that was just some shit your supposed to know because you have a marketing degree. C’MON SON! Just cause I went to college doesn’t mean I’m a master of physics or a fucking living encyclopedia. I don’t know how to balance your check book, do your taxes, help you with Spanish or land a soon to be crashing plane. I’m a communication major. This means I know how to bullshit my way through life by talking and writing. The end! If you’re not asking me to do one of those two things please don’t treat me like shit when I can’t help you. Like I’m a damn failure cause I cut the blue wire instead of the red one! Shut the fuck up! LOL 
And don’t let you fuck up on a spelling of word or mess up the location of a country or some random fact…they really gonna go ham! “Oh you didn’t know where such and such was? Thought you had a degree?” Ok screw you dude! Just cause I have a degree does not mean I know where a random ass country is located on the map. Give me a break! 
And here’s my thing Squares. I’m not one to think I’m better than somebody because I have a degree and they don’t. There are plenty of people who could probably shut me down real quick because they are simply smarter than me whether they have a degree or not. Idiots come both with and without degrees so it’s no big deal to me if you correct me on something and you don’t have one. Especially if you’re right! Ain’t nothing but respect at that point. I’m not going to constantly remind someone who doesn’t have a degree of their failure because they didn’t know some random shit! (In Dragon Fly Jones voice) “You didn’t know they was doing Women’s Olympic 10M Diving on NBC tonight? See now if you had an engineering degree you might know what the hell is on TV!” (LMAO…that example really just made me crack up!) But ya’ll get how annoying that would be? 
But I suppose that’s enough of my rant…just had to get that out. We are all human and have much to learn regardless of what a piece of paper says. Therefore my lack of knowledge on a particular subject does not mean I have not used my degree to the best of my ability. And on the flip side of that, just because you do not have a degree does not mean you couldn’t easily answer a question for yourself that you assume I might know. 
Case in point…lets continue to learn and grow Squares. 
Until NEXT TIME Squares! 

DFRAMDOM: Speaking of college and degrees…remember when Wakka Flocka said he would have majored in Geometry cause he was a “mathematical person real talk” on 106 and Park. That shit was hilarious! (in case you missed it…see below)

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