Top 10 Overrated Things Black Folks Love

Top 10 Overrated Things Black Folks Love

Lets face it black folks. There are some things we love that just really ain’t all that.  And you know us black folks like to get carried away, so we act as if these things are the greatest thing since the invention of the perm. So D-Frankly and Q Guru are here to present the Top 10 things us black folks hold in too high regard.

1) The Wiz


We all love Michael Jackson and Dianna Ross, but let’s not act like this movie is a classic. Y’all can take The Wiz and ease on down the road. Will I loss a black card if I say that the original Wizard of Oz might be a little better. (ducks from bullets flying)
2) Jordan’s


You would think Michael Jordan changed people’s lives considering the hundreds of dollars they spend on his shoes. I will never understand some people’s loyalty to J’s. Especially because you have to wear them on your feet where the ground is dirty and they can easily be damaged. So the idea of them being an investment is not cool. 
3) Drama/Other People’s business


I’m convinced that some people thrive off of drama. Some black folks love to gossip about what somebody else has going, or love to end up in the middle of something. Sit y’all asses down and do something productive. Or just watch Love and Hip or any Housewives show…isn’t that enough? Which brings me to my next point…
4) BET


Black folks love BET. Well I won’t say love so much anymore, but damn sure do tolerate it.  Sad part is it’s not even owned by black folks anymore, and it damn sure ain’t entertaining. It’s just a bunch of lame movies and old t.v shows from the 90’s. Turn that buffoonery off and read a book.
5) Watermelon


The age old joke:
“Why did the black man buy watermelon?”
So he could eat it.”
This has been a black stereotype since the beginning of time. It’s time for us to escort this stereotype off the premises. Watermelon is not that damn good. It’s a cool little snack when you’re at bbq’s in the summer, but that’s about it. 
6) Name brands


Black folks are all about brand names and being trendy. If the right person wears or endorses something black folks are sure to hop on the wagon and rock it. Why does the brand matter? Stop trying to be fancy. Wear what YOU like, whether it’s $10 or $100.
7) Hot Cheetos (and Takis)


I used to be just as guilty of this as anybody. I ate entirely too many Hot Cheetos throughout middle school. They’re not as bomb as we make them out to be. But shoutout to the Northside kids that made the Hot Cheetos & Takis joint though.


8) Payday


Black folks stay getting hyped over payday. I know y’all see it on Twitter and Facebook all the time. “Just got paid today!!! $$$”, “Payday! Ain’t nothing more important than the Mula! $$$”. The worst part is they won’t have any of that money by the end of the weekend. And on Monday it’s a “Damn I went HAM this weekend. #NoMoneyFlow” tweet. Either that or some of their bills won’t be getting paid. So what’s all the hype about? Relax.
9) Group line dances (electric slide, cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, etc.)


Nothing wrong with the group line dancing, but it gets real when you gotta rush to beat your 20 year old cousin to the action when you’re 40. “Move yo ass Grandma cupid shuffles on!.” We all know black folks love to dance, but we don’t have to knock people over trying to get to the dance floor. 
10) Atlanta


How many times have you heard a black person say “Man I’m trying to get to Atlanta!” But then when you ask why they actually have no logical explanation besides, “There’s black folks there“. What do us black folks actually know about Atlanta besides the fact that lots of black people are there? Nothing. Yet the first statement is enough motivation to idolize it.

Y’all know that there’s more right? Here’s some honorable mentions that were brought up but didn’t make the top 10 cut.


11) Anything Chicken and Waffles
Have you notice that wherever there’s black people there’s a chicken and waffles spot? And it always has to be black sounding cause blacks folks is definitely not gonna go to Bob and Katie’s Chicken and Waffles. Definitely has to be a slave sounding name in front of the Chicken and Waffles title. Black folks are so prejudice sometimes! lol

12) ASS 
The men love getting some ass, and women love to have the ass that men want to get. It never fails. (in dumb ninja voice) “Damn she got ass!” (in ghetto dumb girl voice) “Girl do desse jeans make my ass look big? I’m tryna get some free drinks tonight. HAAAY!” Ass will always be a big thing in our community…cause niggas just love ass! lol

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